It does not require additional patch or downloads to enter and render the texts of the scripts as it flawlessly processes, stores and renders multilingual texts. In management systems such as this, it makes it easy to convert one language to another language, even for one of a kind, rarely used, distinctive language. In return, it eliminates the complicated process of learning some new software to convert languages in the software. This user-friendly software includes setup wizard and diagram function for easy installation and provides helpful tool tip information to increase the user convenience. Not only it ensures accurate time and attendance management, but also keeps track of overtime work, multi-shift, and various work rules to accommodate any kind of work environments. This top of the line management software is capable of controlling and managing multiple buildings and sites in different locations via LAN or WAN communication.

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COVID worries boost prospects of touchless biometric systems. The general public gets much of its understanding of security industry technology from watching movies and TV. However, there is a gap between reality and the fantasy world. Understanding of security technologies may also be shaped by news coverage, including expression of extreme or even exaggerated concerns about privacy. With the postponement of tradeshows and events due to the effects of COVID, Vanderbilt and ComNet have taken their high quality, innovative solutions online, directly to their customer base.

With a majority of the world currently working from home, businesses must respond to this changing landscap In the banking world, the threat of unwanted intrusions into premises leading to loss of property and even risk to life is always present. Small wonder then that banking institutions take so much care over their security systems and also over their choice of suppliers for those products. In the retail banking sector, requirements for intrusion detection and related security measures are necessarily more stringent and more specialised than in most other areas of business and commerce.

Data capt Sooner or later hopefully sooner , the novel coronavirus global pandemic will allow workplaces to reopen. But as we move into this recovery phase, there are many questions surrounding the transition. How can companies ensure facilities are in acceptable working order to reopen? How do they decide who is coming back and when?

How can companies ensure that both visitors and employees are aware of Sooner or later hopefully sooner , the novel coronavirus global pandemic will allow workp Spread of the novel coronavirus has jolted awareness of hygiene as it relates to touching However, manufacturers may be better equipped to deal with specific problems after a sale and also to provide a variety of resources to end-users.

Protecting the oil and gas market is key to a thriving economy. The list of security challenges for oil and gas requires the best technology solutions our industry has to offer, from physical barriers to video systems to cybersecurity.

Hybrid hyperconverged systems benefit growing storage and retention needs. Reducing the cost of video surveillance system deployment and operation. Financial institutions require future-ready physical security technologies. How to overcome the storage challenges of adopting surveillance AI.

Physical security supports a future-proof cyber security strategy. Three reasons for adopting open architecture access control solutions.

Innovative edge storage solutions for the video surveillance industry. Covering a total area of about Intelligent system With the gradual completion of its factories in the industrial park, Haier is looking for an intelligent system to realise multiple tasks within the whole industrial park. Firstly, the smart system should be able to prevent theft and timely detect people climbing over the perimeter fence.

Notably, all of the devices were integrated in one central management platform, making it easier for operators to control and manage the system. Featuring active deterrence, the cameras are able to proactively warn intruders to leave before users take action.

Once an intrusion is detected, a white light will turn on, accompanied by a buzzer to warn off the intruder. Additionally, its AI-powered perimeter protection function can greatly reduce false alarms caused by irrelevant objects. AI-powered perimeter protection The combination of advanced AI analytics and real-time alerts to desktop or mobile clients reduces system requirements and resources, thereby improving the efficiency of the surveillance system.

It saves bandwidth and storage, with energy-saving design to enhance monitoring performance of the system. In the future, it can respond quickly and accurately to events in the monitored areas. Through the latest Starlight technology, the cameras can achieve excellent low-light performance. In addition, these cameras are equipped with smooth control, high quality image and good protection, which meet the requirements of most industrial parks.

Dahua face recognition barriers Dahua face recognition barriers were deployed at the entrance of the Haier industrial park and its office building, allowing quick and touchless passage of registered Haier employees without using employee cards or other identification documents. Access will be denied for unregistered people. Aside from these capabilities, the cameras can also control the barrier according to the whitelist set by users and let registered vehicles pass without stopping.

With Seagate HDD, the device offers unparalleled capacity performance for users to store massive videos and obtain evidence when needed. The Dahua DSS PRO management platform integrates all cameras and the aforementioned devices, allowing operators to easily control and manage the system. The up-to-date Dahua AI equipment provides Haier a long-term smart security system with upgraded security level and enhanced management efficiency.

We look forward to our future cooperation. Hikvision surveillance cameras installed by Telesikring for better perimeter solution At P. Rhombus Systems to provide CA Ventures with cloud-based centralised video security solution.

Salient Systems puts the spotlight on the importance of video surveillance to prison security. How to maximise your body temperature detection systems. What are the security challenges of the oil and gas market?

Mitigating risk: The role of security as businesses reopen. Search for products Search from our vast range of products 36, Access Control. Intruder Alarms. Featured products. Hikvision launches new generation of AcuSense.

Delta Scientific HD fast close barrier. Access control in your coworking space. Temperature screening for challenging times. Switch to intelligent, electronic locking. Gallagher Command Centre. Hikvision launches LED display product line. Hikvision Touch-free MinMoe face recognition. Sanitisation, safety and getting back to business. Which security technology is most misunderstood, and why? Trends in banking security include more networks and software.

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