Welcome to Azur Electronics. I have downloaded the Manual. For wide spectrum analysis, you can use a preset scan of 0 to MHz. For more detailed study, the spectrum width can be progressively narrowed to 0. A bandwidth of kHz is automatically selected for preset scan operation; for variable scan and fixed frequency operation, narrower bandwidths can be selected. Front view.

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This banner text can have markup. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Please note that Hewlett- Packard's former test and measurement, semiconductor products and chemical analysis businesses are now part of Agilent Technologies. For example, model number HP is now model number Agilent Contacting Agilent Sales and Service Offices The sales and service contact information in this manual may be out of date. In any correspondence or telephone conversation, refer to your instrument by its model number and full serial number.

It calls attention to procedure, practice, or the like, which, if not correctly performed or adhered to, could result in injury or loss of life. If this instrument is to be energized through an auto-transformer for voltage reduction , make sure the common terminal is connected to the earthed pole of the power source. The mains plug shall only be inserted in a socket outlet provided with protective earth contact.

The protection action must not be negated by using an extension cord power cable without a protective grounding conductor. Grounding one conductor of a two-conductor outlet is not sufficient protection.

Any interruption of the protective grounding conductor, inside or outside the instrument, or disconnection of the protective earth terminal is likely to make this instrument dangerous. Intentional interruption of the earth ground is prohibited. Whenever it is likely that the protection has been impaired, the instrument must be secured against unintended operation. Be very careful; the energy at many points in the instrument may, if contacted, cause personal injury.

Prolonged breathing of vapor should be avoided. The solvent should not be used near heat or open flame; the products of decomposition are toxic and irritating. When necessary, use gloves which the solvent cannot penetrate. If the solvent is taken internally, consult a physician immediately. All rights reserved. If you find any mistakes or if you know of a way to improve the procedures, please let us know. In either case, a reply will be furnished directly to you.

Introduction 1 Instruments Covered by Manual 1 -1 1- 7. Description Options 1 -1 3. Equipment Required but not Supplied 1 -2 Optional Equipment 1 Test Equipment Required 1 -2 1- Shipping Information Initial Inspection Mechanical Check Performance Checkout 2- 8. Deleted 2- 1 0. Power Requirements Source Power Preliminary Power Settings Power Cable Connections Introduction Controls, Indicators and Connectors Operating Considerations Page Control Grouping 7.

Variable Persistence and Storage Func- tions Photographic Techniques 3- Front Panel Checks Performance Tests Front Panel Check Procedure 3. Preset Adjustments Display Section Adjustments IF Section Adjustments Performance Test Procedures Input Impedance Scan Width Accuracy Tuning Dial Accuracy 1 Frequency Response Average Noise Level 5 Spurious Responses Residual Responses Noise Sidebands 4- Equipment Required Factory Selected Components Related Adjustments First Local Oscillator Adjustment Tuning Range Adjustment This manual is an authentication of the manufacturer's commercial literature which, through usage, has been found to cover the data required to operate and maintain this equipment.

Since the manual was not prepared in accordance with military specifications and AR , the format has not been structured to consider levels of maintenance.

APC Sampler Adjustment Performance Test Procedure Changes for Op-. Average Noise Level Spurious Responses 1. Line Voltage Requirements Maintenance Aids Test Equipment and Accessories Required Adjustments General Procedures 5.

General Service Information Basic Transistor Circuits Standard Diode Circuits Special Types of Semiconductors Repair Switching Information Appendix A. References A-1 Appendix B. Instrument Identification 1 Typical Resolution Typical Frequency Response Typical Dynamic Range Test Fixture 2- 1. Spectrum Analyzer Controls, Indicators and Connectors Operational Adjustments General Operating Procedures 3- 4.

Spectrum Analyzer, Rear Panel Controls and Connectors 4- 1. Vertical Gain Adjustment Input Impedance Accuracy Test: 1 kHz to Scan Width Accuracy Measurement Scan Width Accuracy Test:. Tuning Dial Accuracy Test 4- 9. Intermodulation Distortion Test Display


HP 8553 B Spectrum Analyzer RF Section

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HP 8553B Spectrum Analyzer RF Section



Hp 8553B operating service manual rf section


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