As stated on the main research page, starting a new continuous map game set to some very easy settings makes doing the research easier than in a normal game. To get these numbers to be the same you need to do basic research. However, some technologies will be missing if you have done all research projects. Do these things to complete your list:. To decrease the time taken to complete projects, increase the number of tech residents in the Academy or Labs influence area. You will also need items that can be created in the lab and Prototypes, which you can buy from Trenchcoat or find them with help of Hiro Ebashi's technology scanner, you also get them sometimes as by-product while producing modules in the laboratory or find them through finding sunken research facilities while exploring the underwater area with your submarine it is advised to do so before using Hiro Ebashi's technology scanner.

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Desktopversion anzeigen. Steam installieren. Anno Shopseite. Dieses Objekt ist inkompatibel mit Anno Reminders, Production Chains, Building Layouts, etc. Erstellt von. Mazian Offline. Guide Plan. Keyboard Shortcuts. UPlay, Online vs Offline. Production Chains - Overview. Ubiquotous Production Chains.

Eco Production Chains - Tier 1. Eco Production Chains - Tier 2. Eco Production Chains - Tier 3. Eco Production Chains - Tier 4. Tycoon Production Chains - Tier 1. Tycoon Production Chains - Tier 2.

Tycoon Production Chains - Tier 3. Tycoon Production Chains - Tier 4. Tech Production Chains - Tier 1. Tech Production Chains - Tier 2. Tech Production Chains - Tier 3. Residential Layouts. Eco Production Layouts. Tycoon Production Layouts. Tech Production Layouts. Production Layouts External Sources.

Farm Sizes. Prototype Applicability. Anno Calculators Online. Continuous Game : Map Seeds. Blue Byte, for making a great game. Ubisoft, for ruining it with DRM. Anno Wikia, for being a great online resource in times past. Valve, for giving us the technology for Steam Guides. I arrived at several of the Anno Wikia solutions production layouts, etc. The information has been checked and may differ both in format and content I have made additions and changes to what can be found on the Wikia from the Anno Wikia Take screenshots of various layouts and incorporate them.

Mission summaries Tips and tricks I've learned and regularly use Build strategies etc. Eco cityscape. Eco Education Network in foreground, right, with Eco Leisure Center under construction in the background, center. Anno Ubisoft's abysmal biased?

Any achievements and discoveries made in Anno are synchronized with your online Ubisoft account. Additionally, access to Ark resources and technologies also require the Ubisoft DRM servers be accessible.

If you lose connectivity with those servers you attempt to play offline, or attempt to play while Ubisoft's DRM servers are offline , you lose access to all your saved account information. Technology advancements, Ark resources, Ark technologies, etc. This means that if you are playing a game and the DRM servers go offline, all of your technological advancements and Ark resources get removed until your game client can reconnect with the DRM servers.

This can cripple a continuous game. And it's happened to me. Building Modules. Health Food. Bio Drinks. Pasta Dishes. Service Bots. Convenience Food. Luxury Meals. Heavy Weapons. Functional Food. Energy Drinks. High-Tech Weapons. Metal Converter. Eco - Building Modules. Eco - Tea. Fills in "empty space" with Windmill and Weather Control System.

Variation of ZackSchneider's layout Anno Wikia. Eco - Rice. Inspiration drawn from layout by Pedrocarvalho Anno Wikia. Eco - Vegetables. This one is mine Mazian.

Eco Grain Durum Wheat. Eco Dairy farm Milk. You can reserve the space for later expansion, or use it for a 3x3 Eco Wind Park or Weather Control Station to increase space efficiency. Eco Fruit Plantation. Eco Corn. I often find that I don't need a full 4 Corn layout at first. I just want to get a single Biopolymer factory running, which only requires 2 Corn farms.

This is all that is needed to supply a single Robot Factory production chain. You'll have surplus Microships, Sand and Copper. Eco Solar Power Plant. Ecomaniac Anno Wikia. In progress External resources. Basalt Extraction. Tea Plantation. Rice Farm. Grain Farm. Fruit Plantation. Dairy Farm. Diamond Harvesting Station. Corn Farm. Meat Factory. Flavor Lab. Truffle Farm. Sugar Beet Plantation. Fat Factory. Coffee Plantation. Sponge Farm. Gen Farming Laboratory.


Tech Buildings

Production Chains are an integral part of Anno , so we here at the Anno Wiki have created a definitive guide to all of the production chains in the game. Can't remember how many buildings you need for a chain? Look no further. See this for an overview of all production chains, all buildings and all needs in Anno - Deep Ocean by Col. If you want to edit one of the chains, please go to that page or suggest the changes in the comments below. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.


Production Chains

Please note: if you see something marked with the logo, you need the Deep Ocean expansion for it. Hello ladies and gentlemen! With pleasure do I share with you the announcement of the next installment of our favo u rite game series, ANNO ! Residences are the only buildings which allow you to change between 4 different models Default: C both while, and after placing the building, or even rotate them AFTER being placed Default: , and. Using these you can build a neighborhood, or change the models of older Residences to create a custom city-look.


Entire Tech Tree

Tech inhabitants in the influence area of research buildings greatly speed up research. There is no penalty for overlapping areas of effect: inhabitants are not "used up" by one research building, but will boost all research buildings within range. On developing any module, there is a chance of additionally developing a random prototype. See Laboratory and Laboratory Modules for the main pages. The Laboratory is used to create a variety of basic Modules. The player has a selection of modules that can be constructed. Production usually requires credits , goods and time.


Academy Research Projects


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