KTR has been developing power transmission components for mechanical and plant engineering under this slogan for more than fifty years. Area Sales Manager. Twin cables are used to suspend each cabin of the new Zugspitze cable car. And each of the four cables is 4. A total of six years planning and construction have been invested in this shuttle service which gets into gear in the new base station. The cabins are driven via a twin drive having a rated power of 1, Nm.

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Catalog — Planetary Gearmotors P. Helical Planetary Gearmotors Bevel Planetary Gearmotors Not only are we represented in all important industries of our time, we are also present all over the world: with 15 production plants and 67 assembly plants in 45 countries and our customer service, which we see as an integrative part of our portfolio that extends our high quality standards.

This wide se- drive lection enables you to choose the correct drive for any application, each based on the required speed and torque range, space available and the ambient conditions. Gear units and gearmotors offering a unique and finely tuned performance range and the best economic prerequisites to face your drive challenges.

In combination with our drive electronics, these drives provide the utmost in flexibility. The modular concept once again provides optimum adaptation of industrial gear units to meet a wide range of the most varying applications.

Your ideal partner Its global presence, extensive product range and broad spectrum of services make SEW-EURODRIVE the ideal partner for the machinery and plant construction industry when it comes to providing drive systems for demanding applications in all branches of industries and applications. These four product groups are: 1. Gearmotors and frequency inverters 2. Servo drive systems 3.

Decentralized drive systems 4. Industrial gear units. Products and systems used in several group applications are listed in a separate group "Products and systems covering several product groups". The following tables indicate the products and systems included in the respective product group: 1. For conveyor drives, bucket elevators, crushers, agitators, cooling towers, crane sys- tems and much more.

All rights reserved. Copyright law prohibits the unauthorized duplication, modification, distribution, and use of this document, in whole or in part. The planetary gear unit series comprises 11 sizes with a nominal torque from 24, Nm to , Nm.

The load distribution to several planet wheels results in a significantly higher power den- sity and consequently in smaller dimensions compared to helical and bevel-helical gear units. The following figure shows a sample combination of a planetary gear unit, a primary gear unit and a motor. Planetary gear unit RF.. Helical gear unit flange-mounted KF..

Helical-bevel gear unit flange-mounted. Primary gearmotors Pictogram Signal word Meaning. Useful information or tip. Use the marks on the oil dipstick or oil level glass to determine the oil level.

However, it is possible to have the gear units delivered filled with oil. The applicable safety regulations of the country in which the unit will be used are to be followed.

Please note that the motor power shown in the selection tables for gearmotors is subject to selection. However, the output torque and the desired output speed are essential for the application and need to be checked.

You can calcu- late the rated output speed based on the rated motor speed and the gear unit ratio. Please note that the actual output speed depends on the motor load and the supply sys- tem conditions. Special paints are available on request. Please also refer to the notes in the motor dimension sheets. Due to its operating principle, the brake is applied if the power fails. It meets the basic safety requirements. The brake can also be released mechanically if equipped with manual brake release.

For this pur- pose, the brake is supplied with either a hand lever with automatic reset or an adjustable setscrew. The brake is controlled by a brake controller that is either installed in the motor wiring space or in the control cabinet. A characteristic feature of the brakes is their extremely short design. The brake bearing end shield is a part of both the motor and the brake. For the Japanese market, we offer motors conforming to JIS standard.

Contact your sales representative to assist you in such cases. The nominal output torque ratings are listed in the table below. Size MN2 [Nm] P. Foot-mounted helical planetary gearmotor. Foot-mounted helical planetary gearmotor with hollow shaft and shrink disk. Flange-mounted helical planetary gearmotor. Flange-mounted helical planetary gearmotor with hollow shaft and shrink disk. The following variants of bevel planetary gearmotors can be supplied:. Foot-mounted bevel planetary gearmotor.

Foot-mounted bevel planetary gearmotor with hollow shaft and shrink disk. Flange-mounted bevel planetary gearmotor. Flange-mounted bevel planetary gearmotor with hollow shaft and shrink disk. DVE DV. Designation 2 P.. Foot-mounted, solid shaft PH.. Foot-mounted, hollow shaft with shrink disk PF.. Flange-mounted, solid shaft PHF.. Flange-mounted, hollow shaft with shrink disk. Designation P.. Designation AD Input shaft assembly Example: Type designation for a PHF..

Size Primary gear unit Series. Flange-mounted Planetary gear unit. Hollow shaft for shrink disk. Oil - 29 ltr. Year Type Type designation No. Normal operating point min. Operating point at minimum speed max. CLP Miner. Motors with a forced cooling fan and motors with a spread shaft encoder ES.. The following table gives an overview of coating and surface protection systems. Used as surface protec- tion with typical ambi- ent conditions Corrosion categories DIN EN ISO Suited for environments prone to Suited for environments with high Suited for environments with high condensation and atmospheres humidity or moderate atmo- humidity and occasionally severe with low humidity or contamina- spheric contamination, such as atmospheric and chemical con- tion, such as outdoor applications applications outdoors subject to tamination.

Occasionally acidic or under roof or with protection, direct weathering. Also for unheated buildings where con- According to corrosivity category applications in coastal areas with densation can build up. C3 moderate moderate salt load. The remaining oil film pro- tects the gear unit against corrosion for a limited period of time. Long-term corrosion protection After the test run, the test oil fill is drained out of the gear unit and the interior space is filled will a vapor phase inhibitor.

The breather filter is replaced by a screw plug and en- closed with the gear unit. Remove it only using an appro- priate solvent which is not harmful to the oil seal. Application: Land transport. Long-term packaging The gear unit is delivered in a wooden box that is also appropriate for sea transport.

Controlled ventilation with corrosion protection Standard packaging filter free from dust and dirt. Protected against aggressive vapors and shocks. Controlled ventilation with and checking for intactness. Standard packaging filter free from dust and dirt. Long-term corrosion protection Max.

Long-term packaging. These are shown in the following table. This means: An IE1 motor can also be used in countries in which an IE1 motor in S1 duty is no lon- ger permitted due to efficiency regulations. In this sealing variant, only one radial oil seal is used irrespective of the mount- ing position. The grease-filled labyrinth protects the oil seal from dirt.

Gearing and bearing parts that are not immersed in oil are lubricated by splashing oil. The oil level is checked at the oil sight glass [1] on the housing gear rim.


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