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School choice in Chile: From distinction and exclusion to the social segregation of the school system. International studies have claimed for many decades the relationship between school choice, social class and social segregation in education systems. In Chile, in contrast, the analysis of parental choice processes, in the context of the high level of social segregation within the school system, have emerged only recently within the research agenda.

Within these trends, this paper explores and contrasts the dynamics of school choice of middle and lower classes, from a qualitative perspective. The results question the discursive principles held by advocates of school choice, providing evidence about the processes by which families produce and contribute, by their school choices, to the segregation and stratification of the system, in the context of the specific policy design in which school choice is currently enacted.

Key words: school choice, social segregation, social class, Chile, education policy. Como Ball ha planteado:. Tabla 1. Tabla 2. Los mismos apoderados, como tienen que pagarle al colegio, le exigen al colegio y exigen. Es que pienso que no es tanto que los municipales sean malos, sino que la gente que llega a los colegios apoderado, Puente Alto, particular subvencionado, estrato medio.

Lo anterior, en la perspectiva de las familias, repercute en la ausencia de reglas y disciplina dentro de las escuelas. Si yo tuviera esos medios, pongo a mis hijos en colegios particulares.

Pero lamentablemente, uno tiene que ser realista apoderado, Coquimbo, estrato bajo. Este es un pueblo de bajos recursos. Esta evidencia cobra particular relevancia en el marco de los anuncios de una nueva reforma educacional en el sistema escolar chileno. Ball, S. The education debate. Bristol: The Policy Press. Class strategies and the education market: The middle classes and social advantage. Oxon: Routledge Falmer. I heard it on the grapevine: Hot knowledge and school choice.

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Palabras de S. Choosing choice: School choice in international perspective. New York: Teachers College Press. Raczynski, D. Salinas, D. Spoilt for choice: The working classes and educational markets. Oxford Review of Education, vol. Valenzuela, J. Socioeconomic school segregation in a market-oriented educational system. The case of Chile.

Middle-class parents and social mix in French urban schools: Reproduction and transformation of class relations in education. International Studies in Sociology of Education, vol. Paris: CNDP. Entre querer y poder. Narodowski y M. Problemas de diversidad cultural y justicia social pp. Buenos Aires: Prometeo Libros. Servicios Personalizados Revista. ABSTRACT International studies have claimed for many decades the relationship between school choice, social class and social segregation in education systems.


Ley No 20.370 Establece la ley general de educaciĆ³n

Under these legal provisions, internal school bodies are entrusted with the promotion of internal relations and the prevention of any form of physical or psychological violence Art. Furthermore, school members in a broad sense shall report acts of physical or psychological violence, aggression or bullying affecting any student and not doing so shall be subject to fines in some cases Art. In addition, internal school regulations on these matters are to be in force, covering prevention policies, protocols dealing with related infringements and appropriate sanctions. This law does not impose criminal sanctions. Parte espcial, tomo I, 3rd ed. As amended, this provision sanctions acts that could be oriented to the commission of more serious offenses e. In fact, this offence is committed when, the offender, for the purpose of sexually arousing himself or a third party, exposes a minor 14 years old or less to acts of sexual nature, or to pornographic material.







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