It is headquartered in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Membership reached 10, in and in , the organization reported it had surpassed the 50, member mark. Half of the association's members are women. The IAPP is responsible for developing and launching a global credentialing programs in information privacy. The CIPM demonstrates understanding of the operational aspects of privacy program management.

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While there are a bunch of certification tracks you can chase, the main question is the comparison between IAPP and PECB certification tracks for privacy and data protection professionals.

Both are globally well respected and well known players on this market. For explanation of the acronyms, see end of article. It would take me a tremendous amount of time to list all other local or regional providers, but I would challenge you to collect and list them.

Feel free to send me the details on the data protection course you attended. It would be a great resource to have a larger overview on privacy and data protection certification and education.

GDPR that need a mix of expertise in legal, operational and business knowledge in their job. Some of the info referenced in this article is prone to changes, like marketing, exam fees, maintenance fees, certification maintenance requirements like CPE or CPD. Therefore, I provide the source links as much as possible, allowing you to crosscheck the latest info. Information is current as the date of publication and will be updated when possible. Any feedback or suggestions are welcome to maximize the quality of this document by relevant updates or fixing inconsistencies.

Some other data protection course vendors also name their course CDPO or similar. You can certify for various courses and exams and earn the respective title, bound to certain conditions. For the scope of this document is less important. These are both auditable standards with ISO requirements definitions that can be officially audited. See the table below for a quick comparison.

Keep reading if you need a more detailed explanation and relevant online material. Additional study time advised for exam. Relevant extensions or other exams to complement course. Lead Implementer. We are committed to providing a forum for privacy professionals to share best practices, track trends, advance privacy management issues, standardize the designations for privacy professionals and provide education and guidance on opportunities in the field of information privacy.

The certifications that IAPP offers are. Our mission is to provide our clients with comprehensive services that inspire trust, continual improvement, demonstrate recognition, and benefit the society as a whole. Additional training and certification in privacy and data protection:. Professional experience. DPMS project experience. Other requirements. Five years: Two years of work experience in Data Protection. Data Protection activities: a total of hours.

To be considered valid, these implementation activities should follow best implementation practices and include the following activities:. Certificants are required to submit 20 CPEs per term, per credential.

In order to maintain a certificate, PECB Professionals are required to demonstrate that they are performing certification related activities on an annual basis. Annual Requirements. Total hours. Hours of work experience related to the certification field, training, private study, coaching, attendance at seminars and conferences or other relevant activities.

Certification Maintenance Fee 2-year term. One fee covers all IAPP certifications. For members, the certification maintenance fee is covered by the membership benefits. AMF rate per year. IAPP uses a mixed channel to deliver their courses. Alternatively you can book courses and exams via their partner channel. PECB works with a partner channel exclusively. All courses and exams must be booked via an authorized partner.

There is no data protection without information security. Due to that focus, IAPP does it very well. With the strict focus on privacy. Their community covers a large scale of enterprise topics, way beyond data protection. A different and bigger world. You need to submit a proven track record for experience. But exactly that difference makes them both compatible and complementary. The IAPP certifications are top notch and very much respected. They offer a perfect starting point to become professional and even expert in privacy and data protection.

Once you grow beyond that point, with a larger focus like information security, enterprise security, disaster recovery, incident management, cybersecurity, the PECB courses and exams offer the next step.

They are perfectly complementary, and it only depends on your starting point of your journey. Acronym or Abbreviation. Skip to content Peter Geelen. Course format. In person Online Self Study. Technology part. Course level. Advised prerequisites. Total Days in course. Course material. Extra material online. Membership included. Course includes exam. No but certification requires professional experience. Yes, 30hrs advised ref. Retry incl. Exam Format. Essay type paper-based or online.

Computer exam — Multiple choice. Exam questions. Exam type. Program Accreditation. Exam max. English French German. Course planning. PECB agenda, or Via partner delivery. Training URL. Equivalent exam accepted. Certification Experience requirements. Stand-alone Exam cost. Certification term. Certification maintenance fee. Step up to other tracks. Foundation, Provisional, and Transition. American National Standards Institute. Continued Professional Development. Continued Professional Education.

Data Protection Impact Assessment. European Data Protection Board. International Association of Privacy Professionals. International Accreditation Service. International Organization for Standardization. Professional Evaluation and Certification Board.


Free Tests for the Certified Information Privacy Professional Exam

Have ideas? Need advice? Subscribe to the Privacy List. Looking for a new challenge, or need to hire your next privacy pro? Turn any screen into a virtual classroom with real-time instruction from expert IAPP faculty - no travel necessary. Do your policies and procedures comply with the GDPR?



Have ideas? Need advice? Subscribe to the Privacy List. Looking for a new challenge, or need to hire your next privacy pro?


International Association of Privacy Professionals

Have ideas? Need advice? Subscribe to the Privacy List. Looking for a new challenge, or need to hire your next privacy pro?


Let's make it a push to the Board to return to the practice of releasing the CBK upon each revision! If we claim to certify professionals, it is elementary that we also make public on what those professionals are evaluated. It's not only a disservice to the membership but also to our principals and society at large. Note that we as members can bring topics to BoD meetings using the same petition process as described for elections signatures.

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