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Psychogenic non-epileptic seizures: history and critique of a concept. This discussion of the evolution of psychiatric knowledge concerning psychogenic non-epileptic seizures PNES sheds light on the epistemological assumptions underlying the concept and on its practical implications as well. PNES are defined as repeated seizures or attacks which can be mistaken for epilepsy because of the similar behavioral changes displayed, but which differ in that they are not the result of abnormal electrical activity in the brain and may be psychogenic in origin.

The article investigates the historical development of the concept of PNES over the past forty years. The concepts of psychiatric comorbidity, abuse, and dissociation enter the discussion owing to their roles in the checkered development of the concept of PNES. Keywords: psychogenic non-epileptic seizures; pseudo-epileptic seizures; hysteria; history of hysteria; history of psychiatry.

Entretanto, como salienta Camargo Jr. Conforme apontado por Burtt e ressaltado por Camargo Jr. Segundo Camargo Jr. Nas palavras de Machado , p. Foucault diferencia-se de Bachelard e Canguilhem por sua ruptura com a ideia de progresso. Habermas , p. A verdade assume, assim, a forma de uma "racionalidade comunicativamente operante" e "socialmente produtiva" Ayres, b, p.

A partir das palavras-chave pseudoseizures , non-epileptic seizures , psychogenic seizures , hysterical seizures , psychogenic attacks , hysterical attacks , non-epileptic attack disorder , functional seizures , hysteroepilepsy , pseudoepilepsy , hysterical epilepsy e pseudoepileptic attacks foram levantados artigos que, de alguma forma, discutem o conceito de CNEP.

Vejamos mais de perto alguns desses estudos. Segundo LaFrance Jr. Para tanto, daremos continuidade ao relato do caso de S. Os cuidadores afirmavam ser aquele o comportamento usual da paciente. Segundo os cuidadores, S. Um ano antes, S. Com o tempo, estes grupos passam a falar menos das crises e muito mais dos problemas familiares, de trabalho e dos projetos de vida.

As suas qualidades, as coisas que gostava de fazer e os seus projetos de vida foram compartilhados e refletidos. Aos poucos, S. Uma senhora, colega de turma da escola, havia convidado S.

Por fim, S. Mais recentemente, S. Inicialmente, S. No caso de S. The development of the hysterical personality. History of Psychiatry , Chalfont St. Giles, v. Dissociation in epilepsy and conversion nonepileptic seizures. Epilepsia , Philadelphia, v. Nonepileptic seizures and childhood sexual and physical abuse. Neurology , New York, v. American Psychiatric Association. Washington: American Psychiatric Press.

Acesso em: 10 jan. Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders DSM-I. Psychopathology and trauma in epileptic and psychogenic patients. Psychosomatics , Arlington, v.

Salud Colectiva , Buenos Aires, v. Sobre o risco : para compreender a epidemiologia. The problem of psychogenic symptoms: is the psychiatric community in denial? Epilepsy Behavior , New York, v. Psicopatologia descriptiva : nuevas tendencias. Madrid: Trotta. Symptoms: historical perspective and effect on diagnosis. Psychosomatic medicine. Diagnosis, management and prognosis of a group of patients with non-epileptic attack disorder. Part II: previous childhood sexual abuse in the aetiology of these disorders.

Seizure , London, v. Treatment of non-epileptic attack disorder pseudoseizures in the community. In: Gram, Lennart et al. Pseudo-epileptic seizures. Briston: Wrightson Biomed Pub. Recent onset pseudoseizures-clues to aetiology. Psychodynamics and psychiatric diagnoses of pseudoseizure subjects. American Journal of Psychiatry , Arlington, v. Dissociation, chidhood interpersonal trauma, and family functioning in patients with somatization disorder.

A biomedicina. Seizure behaviour in a patient with post-traumatic stress disorder following rape. Notes on the aetiology of 'pseudoseizures' [case report]. Seizure, London, v. Hysteria and women. Psychiatric disorders in patients with psychogenic non-epileptic seizures, with and without comorbid epilepsy. In: Portocarrero, Vera Org. Rio de Janeiro: Editora Fiocruz. Nonepileptic psychogenic seizures: quagmires of pathophysiology, diagnosis, and treatment [editorial].

Epilepsia , New York, v. Psiquiatria e feminilidade. In: Del Priore, Mary Org. A comprehensive profile of clinical, psychiatric, and psychosocial characteristics of patients with psychogenic nonepileptic seizures. Non-epileptic attack disorder NEAD : a comprehensive review. Epidemiology and classification of non-epileptic events. In: Gates, John R. Non-epileptic seizures. Boston: Butterworth-Heinemann. Somatoform disorders.

In: Kaplan, Harold I. Comprehensive textbook of psychiatry. Baltimore: Williams e Wilkins. Personality disorders. Madrid: Taurus. MMPI indices in the identification of patients evidencing pseudoseizures. Psychiatric morbidity and psychodynamics of patients with convulsive pseudoseizures. The anthropology of hysteria. In: Halligan, Peter W. Contemporary approaches to the study of hysteria. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Nonepileptic seizures: diagnosis and management. Psychogenic seizures: a clinical study with follow-up data.

Neurology , Cleveland, v. The case for a dissociative interpretation of pseudoepileptic seizures. Avoiding the costs of unrecognized psychological nonepileptic seizures. The treatment of nonepileptic seizures: historical perspectives and future directions. Psychogenic seizures in adults: a longitudinal analysis.

Psychogenic seizures. Pseudoseizures: a problem in the diagnosis and management of epileptic patients.


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