As the God of beginnings, he is honored at the start of rituals and ceremonies. The other two virtues are personified as Goddesses and considered to be the consorts of Lord Ganesha. Though there are different opinions on His marital status, both Puranas — Mudgala and Shiva Purana which are considered as authority, talk about the marital life of Lord Ganesha. Shubh and Labh are personification of auspiciousness and profit respectively. Representations of Ganesha show wide variations and distinct patterns changing over time. He may be portrayed standing, dancing, heroically taking action against demons, playing with his family as a boy, sitting down or on an elevated seat, or engaging in a range of contemporary situations.

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Festivals get kids all excited and Ganesh Chaturthi is no exception. Teach them these 5 Ganesha slokas this year! Many festivals bring communities together for colourful celebrations. An event that stands out particularly in the Western and Southern states, is the Ganesh Chaturthi, the birthday of the elephant faced Ganesha.

It falls on the fourth day of the Lunar month of Bhadrapadha; this year it is on the 17th of September. Interesting details of how he got his elephant head, why he is always the one who is worshipped first, even by the Gods and stories of many of his other exploits can be found in Tales of the Elephant God. This annual festival starts with the bringing home of clay idols of Ganesh a day before. Specially trained craftsmen make idols in various sizes using clay and colours selected to ensure that they are non-toxic.

Homes prefer modest sized ones, while those installed for public worship are large, some of them very large indeed! Once installed, pujas are offered every day both in the homes and in the public Pandals. The idol is kept with utmost reverence for various periods ranging from about 2 days to 11 days after which, the idol is taken in a procession with song and dance to be consigned to a water body, like the sea, river or a pond, following Artis and pujas.

Here are some simple Ganesha slokas we all can learn and chant whenever we wish to think of the elephant God. He is the one with a singe tusk, a pot-belly and with the face of an elephant. I meditate upon such a Ganesha, the Lord with a single tusk, the one who grants his many blessings to all His devotees. What it means: O Lord Ganesha, son of Mother Gauri or Parvati , the one born of the Lord of the mountains, thou art pure, spotless and pleasing to look at. Kindly protect us, be pleased with our devotion and bestow us with good fortune.

What it means: Wake up to the secret power-packed sound of Ganesh, who is the breaker of obstacles, the one who grants Siddhi or success to all and the one who is worshipped in eight exalted forms. Dear father Ganapati, I request you to come back to me. Share Pin 6. Shares Wish to know more about Cancel Contact us now! We need few details to pass it to the school on your behalf. Signup for a Buzzingbubs weekly newsletter.


5 Ganesha slokas for kids this Ganesh Chaturthi

Meaning : We meditate on Lord Ganesha - who is clad in white representing purity , who is all pervading present everywhere , whose complexion is gray like that of ash glowing with spiritual splendor , who has four arms, who has bright countenance depicting inner calm and happiness and who can destroy all obstacles in our spiritual and worldly path. Meaning: The Lord with the curved trunk and a mighty body, who has the luster of a million suns, I pray to thee Oh Lord, to remove the obstacles from all the actions I intend to perform. Meaning: I worship day and night that elephant faced Lord Ganesha who is like sun to the lotus face of Mother Parvati. Giver of many boons, the single tusked Ganesh, I salute Thee to give e a boon.


Collection of Ganesh Mantra






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