Electrical Specifications. Capacity tables. Wiring diagrams. Sound data. Sound Pressure Spectrum.

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Filed Pursuant to Rule Registration Statement No. The actual performance of the note may bear little relation to the examples shown. Before investing in a Note investors should carefully read the offering documents to understand the potential risks.

Therefore, the estimated initial value EIV of a Note on the issue date will be less than the issue price that an investor pays for the Note. RBC and its affiliates are not obligated to maintain a secondary market and may cease marketmaking activities at any time. Any secondary market may not provide significant liquidity or trade at prices advantageous to the investor.

The return on the Notes may be less than the return investors could earn if it bought a conventional debt security of RBC. Also an affiliate of RBC will serve as the calculation agent for the Notes who will exercise its judgment when performing its functions. Since the decisions the calculation agent makes will affect the payments on the notes, the calculation agent may have a conflict of interest with respect to such decisions.

Investors should consult with their tax advisor before investing in any Notes to determine the effects of their individual circumstances. Excludes Corporate Support. These are non-GAAP measures. For additional information, refer to the Royal Bank of Canada Q3 Investor Presentation 3 A credit rating reflects the creditworthiness of RBC is not a recommendation to buy, sell or hold the notes, and may be subject to revision or withdrawal at any time by the assigning rating organization.

The ratings do not provide an indication of the expected performance of the notes. The notes themselves will not be independently rated. Each rating should be evaluated independently of any other rating.

The information contained herein has been compiled from sources believed to be reliable by RBC Capital Markets or any of its businesses. Neither RBC Capital Markets nor any of its businesses or representatives has undertaken any independent review or due diligence of such sources.

Used under license. All rights reserved. This document is for infomational purposes only and is not intended to set forth a final expression of the terms and conditions of any offering. Royal Bank of Canada has filed a registration statement including a product prospectus supplement, a prospectus supplement, and a prospectus with the SEC for any offering to which this document relates.

Before you invest, you should read those documents and the other documents relating to the offering that we have filed with the SEC for more complete information about us and the offering. Alternatively, Royal Bank of Canada, any agent or any dealer participating in the offering will arrange to send you the product prospectus supplement, the prospectus supplement and the prospectus if you so request by calling toll-free at


VRV / VRF Systems



Dimensional Drawings - Daikin FXSQ-P Technical Data Manual


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