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ProSoundWeb Community. Please login or register. For this Christmas I am work in club 20m X 15m, dj techno party, people for first time.

Peoples tell me entire night how sounds is so good, strong and powerful. No any distorsion, only clean power. Most important, you can get normal conversation with people parallel with all SPL. RCF Event have flat treble response to clean 20kHz with 90x75 degree.

You cant buy better subs for these money, no way, don't try find it. Sound in entire room is amazing, amps never clip and stay cold. If my job with these setup be good, I will buy another set these amazing subs, or maybe go to EAW. Neale Watson Newbie Offline Posts: Daniel - can't see these models on the RCF website. Please provide more info. Two of these is more powerfull than any combin. Trust me. In attachment is picture with new data. I am litle confus about compatibility new and old version.

I am send email to rcf and rcf tell me that this same loudspeakers as in old version. Some people tell me that this is L18P inside. If this is case, this new box have more low end but less spl. What is true I dont know.

But, in both case this is one famous sub. But, for full potential you need minimum 2. RCF units is always want alot power from amp. These are not just reflex loaded with a giant port??


the rcf esw 1018 topic

Efficiency is stated as 'dB SPL' while frequency extension is stated to 38hz-Not likely to be true in an enclosure of this size. Some simulations in the past I did on the RCF told me that it's like an reflex tuned a little ridicously high. What you need depends on the kind of music it has to play and personal favour. I would also let it depend on the the size of the system and type of crowd for that matter. For standard drive-in shows an f6 of about 40 Hz will do nicely. But I also now people that use a lowcut on 50 Hz and seem to like it. I also use a 18" sub with f3 around 30 Hz.


EVENT ESW 1018 Compact high-efficiency horn reflex subwoofer


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