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Dermatologia de Pequeos Animales. Linda Medleau , Keith A. Demodicosis felina. Paraqueratosis nasal hereditaria de Labrador. Dermatitis facial del gato persa. Hematoma de la oreja. Dermatitis por uncinarias ancilostomiasis. Hiperadrenocorticismo felino. Enanismo hipofisario hipopituitarismo. Patrones de calvicies caninas.

Alopecia preauricular y auricular felinas. Dermatosis sensible al zinc. Tumor de los mastocitos. Nevo colagenoso. Calcinosis circunscrita. Moquillo canino Small Animal Practice. Long-term survival of dogs with advanced malignant melanoma after DNA vaccination with xenogeneic human tyrosinase: a phase I trial. Clin Cancer Res. Current trends in the treatment of Sarcoptes, Cheyletiella and Otodectes mite infestations in dogs and cats. Vet Dermatol. A blinded, placebo-controlled study of the efficacy of borage seed oil and fish oil in the management of canine atopy.

Vet Rec. Field efficacy of moxidectin in dogs and rabbits naturally infested with Sarcoptes spp. Vet Parasitol. Efficacy and safety of selamectin against Sarcoptes scabiei on dogs and Otodectes cynotis on dogs and cats presented as veterinary patients. Demodex gatoi: new species of hair follicle mite Acari: demodecidae from the domestic cat Carnivora: felidae. Canine atopic dermatitis: a retrospective study of cases examined at the University of California, Davis, Part I.

Clinical features and allergy testing results. Part II. Response to hyposensitization Immunohistochemical detection of canine distemper virus in haired skin, nasal mucosa, and footpad epithelium: a method for antemortem diagnosis of infection. Papilomas


Enanismo felino



Revelan un importante papel de la hormona de crecimiento en el aprendizaje


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