Evidence of a recent flash flood can be seen in the form of light brown sediment that flowed down gullies and mountain sides forming ponds of debris over agricultural areas in the broad valley near the town of Parras This part of Mexico has extensive vineyards, orchards and both dry land and irrigated agriculture. Based on the photo, it appears that flash flood waters damaged some square miles of property in this area alone. Tectonic analysis of Baja California and Parras shear belt in Mexico.

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Evidence of a recent flash flood can be seen in the form of light brown sediment that flowed down gullies and mountain sides forming ponds of debris over agricultural areas in the broad valley near the town of Parras This part of Mexico has extensive vineyards, orchards and both dry land and irrigated agriculture. Based on the photo, it appears that flash flood waters damaged some square miles of property in this area alone.

Tectonic analysis of Baja California and Parras shear belt in Mexico. The author has identified the following significant results. ERTS-1 imagery was used to check the validity of the existence of major trans-Baja fault zones. ERTS-1 imagery also shows that high albedo sediments similar to known late Tertiary marine sediments are widespread in southern and middle Baja and extend in places to the eastern side of the Peninsula.

Major faults in northern Mexico and across the border in the United States were mapped, and ample evidence was found that the Parras and parts of the Texas lineament are belts of major transverse shear faults in areas outside the supposed limit of the Texas and Parras lineaments. A fundamental concept which may help explain many complexities in the tectonic development is beginning to emerge: The southwestern part of North America was torn by massive left-lateral shear of transverse trend east-west during the compressive stage of the late Mesozoic and early Cenozoic.

This tectonic style has changed into tensional rifting Basin and Range and right-lateral shear later in the Cenozoic and Quaternary. This "Note from the Field," based on our…. La edad de las familias Eos, Themis y Koronis. Project Familia. Final Evaluation Report, OER Report. Project Familia served 77 children at 3 schools who were identified as limited English proficient, special education students in prekindergarten through fifth grade and their parents.

The project provided after-school…. Familias 3 - Extensions and new functionality. In relationship testing the aim is to determine the most probable pedigree structure given genetic marker data for a set of persons. Disaster Victim Identification DVI based on DNA data from presumed relatives of the missing persons can be considered to be a collection of relationship problems. Forensic calculations in investigative mode address questions like "How many markers and reference persons are needed?

Mutations, deviations from Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium or more generally, accounting for population substructure and silent alleles cannot be ignored when evaluating forensic evidence in case work. With the advent of new markers, so called microvariants have become more common.

Previous mutation models are no longer appropriate and a new model is proposed. This paper describes methods designed to deal with DVI problems and a new simulation model to study distribution of likelihoods. There are softwares available, addressing similar problems. However, for some problems including DVI, we are not aware of freely available validated software.

The Familias software has long been widely used by forensic laboratories worldwide to compute likelihoods in relationship scenarios, though previous versions have lacked desired functionality, such as the above mentioned. The extensions as well as some other novel features have been implemented in the new version, freely available at www. The implementation and validation are briefly mentioned leaving complete details to Supplementary sections.

All rights reserved. This article explores the emergence of La Familia Initiative, a Latino parent-organizing project at a public middle school. Motivated by their urgency to improve their children's schooling and enhance their opportunities for a better high school experience in the future, the participants organize to establish a more inclusive partnership with the….

OREA Report. Project Familia was an Elementary and Secondary Education Act Title VII funded project that, in the year covered by this evaluation, served 41 special education students of limited English proficiency LEP from 5 schools, with the participation of 54 parents and 33 siblings. Participating students received English language enrichment and….

The Sagrada Familia Cathedral where Gaudi envisaged his bell music. According to Antoni Gaudi, who worked over its grand plan, the Cathedral was supposed to be a huge musical instrument as a whole in the event of completion. As as result, the music of bells was expected to echo through the air of Barcelona from the belfries.

However, Gaudi's true intention cannot be exactly known because the materials prepared by him were destroyed by war fire. If his idea of the Sagrada Familia as an architechtural music instrument is true, an acoustical balance should be considered between the roles of the Cathedral: bell music from the belfries and quiet service in the chapel. Basic structure of the Sagrada Familia seems to be an ensemble of twin towers.

The higher structure of this twin tower corresponds to the pinnacle where the bells should be arranged.

The lower structure about 43 m in actual height has five passages connecting two towers. One of two towers includes five or six tandem columns whose ends are both squeezed to about 1. These columns seem to function as a kind of muffler. The location and shape of the roof over the nave is indefinite and tentatively supposed at the top of the lower structure. Based on our scale model, acoustical characteristics of the lower twin-tower structure as a muffler and acoustical differences between the exterior field and nave field will be reported and discussed.

The sagrada familia : A daily whisper of the spirit. Sounds from the top of the Temple; songs of loyals going beyond the city, sounds of the rustic forms of the spaces for the soul; reality and miracle in just one voice, voice of religion for participation; mystery, mysticism, meditation, happiness, music and songs, bells and church towers, choirs and pulpits, religion and city. The religious architecture of Gaudi is involved by mystic sounds, real or imaginary sounds, whispers almost imperceptibles and sonorous surprises in the journeys destined to peace and spiritual calm.

The Sagrada Familia in Barcelona is a Temple where the sonorous itineraries will exist and where the acoustic design of choirs, bells and bell towers was an essential idea of Antoni Gaudi.

A living building with its voice singing with the people a song which will take in the whole city; ringing bells and bell towers crossing the sky and sending music, view and hearing of all the people to the new cathedral, a symbol to guide pilgrimages, ceremonies, songs and festivals.

The Sagrada Familia and Barcelona, a union that Gaudi wanted to turn in total and where the acoustic design will be transformed in a daily murmur, highly spiritual. To be presented in Spanish. This study examined the short-term efficacy of Familias Unidas in Ecuador on parent-adolescent communication, parental monitoring of peers, and youth conduct problems. Familias Unidas was efficacious in reducing conduct problems through improved parent-adolescent communication, relative to Community Practice.

Future assessments will determine whether Familias Unidas also has an impact on substance use and sexual risk behaviors at later time points, as demonstrated in past Familias Unidas trials. The short-term effects of the intervention, family engagement, and facilitator skill in the Ecuadorian adaptation of Familias Unidas are promising.

PubMed Central. Hendricks; Branchini, Jennifer. Methods A total of 8th grade Hispanic adolescents with behavior problems and their primary caregivers were assigned randomly to one of two conditions: Familias Unidas or Community Control.

Participants were assessed at baseline and at 6, 18, and 30 months post baseline. Results Results showed that, relative to a Community Control condition, Familias Unidas was efficacious in preventing or reducing externalizing disorders, preventing and reducing substance use, and in reducing unsafe sexual behavior.

The effects of Familias Unidas on these outcomes were partially mediated by improvements in family functioning. This article presents the results of the assessment of this application after a two-year follow-up, regarding its effectiveness in the reduction of drug use among adolescents and its effects on certain family risk factors. Background: Family cohesion may be a factor to prevent exposure of Hispanics in United States to secondhand smoke. Methods: MFNF is an approach to secondhand smoke prevention, using family cohesion….

With the importance of family, community, and the belief that God is actively present in daily life in a Latino context, this article explores the interplay between "la familia " as "locus…. The purpose of this qualitative case study was to describe the role of "la familia " for women of Mexican descent as it relates to their development as leaders and their leadership in academia. Purposeful sampling was utilized to reach the goal of 18 participants who were female academic leaders of Mexican descent teaching full time in….

Extended kinship among Chicanos is explored through intensive open-ended interviews with four cases of three generations of Mexican-descent families. This article explores how children and youth learned indigenous heritage "saberes" knowings through intent community participation in Nocutzepo, Mexico.

The " familia " family and "comunidad" community -based saberes were valuable for skills acquisition, but most important for learning indigenous forms of…. A special focus of analysis are the articles signed by physician Carlos Costa, main editor and founder of the periodical. After introducing the newspaper, the text goes on to highlight the fight in favor of breastfeeding, which was a highly notable topic aimed at educating women to fulfill their maternal roles in accordance with hygienic parameters.

It then discusses how the fact that most wet nurses were slaves influenced arguments against mercenary breastfeeding. Lastly, it analyzes a story published in the newspaper, which narrates the misfortunes of a captive wet nurse. Molleda, Lourdes; Bahamon, Monica; St. George, Sara M. Introduction The purpose of this qualitative study was to understand the feasibility and acceptability of implementing eHealth Familias Unidas, an Internet-based, family-based, preventive intervention for Hispanic adolescents, in primary care.

Methods Semistructured individual interviews with clinic personnel and facilitators i. Discussion This study provides feasibility and acceptability findings, along with important considerations for researchers and primary care personnel interested in collaborating to implement an eHealth preventive intervention in pediatric primary care.

A comprehensive approach for providing behavioral health services to youth is becoming increasingly emphasized IOM, Latino youth are at increased risk for substance abuse, mental health concerns, unsafe sexual practices and HIV Prado et al. The current study examined the use of research-based strategies for reducing multiple risk behaviors in a predominantly Mexican American sample of families. Through a modular approach, participants engaged in a psycho-educational curriculum to enhance communication and psychosocial coping, increase substance abuse and HIV knowledge and perception of harm, and improve school behavior.

Over 12 sessions, the curriculum aimed to achieve these outcomes through an overall decrease in family and community-based stress by focusing on acculturative stress. Findings indicate that communication and perception of substance use harm were significantly enhanced, while social norms regarding sexual behavior, HIV anxiety and past use of marijuana and other illegal drugs were significantly reduced.

Careful fidelity monitoring and feedback are critical to implementing effective interventions. A wide range of procedures exist to assess fidelity; most are derived from observational assessments Schoenwald et al, We present a first step towards automated processing of linguistic patterns in fidelity monitoring of a behavioral intervention using an innovative mixed methods approach to fidelity assessment that uses rule-based, computational linguistics to overcome major resource burdens.

Data come from an effectiveness trial of the Familias Unidas intervention, an evidence-based, family-centered preventive intervention found to be efficacious in reducing conduct problems, substance use and HIV sexual risk behaviors among Hispanic youth. Quantitative assessments of reliability are provided. Kappa scores between a human rater and a machine rater for the new method for measuring joining reached.

Early findings suggest that this approach can reduce the high cost of fidelity measurement and the time delay between fidelity assessment and feedback to facilitators; it also has the potential for improving the quality of intervention fidelity ratings. A wide range of procedures exist to assess fidelity; most are derived from observational assessments Schoenwald and Garland, Psycholog Assess , This computational approach focuses on "joining," which measures the quality of the working alliance of the facilitator with the family.

Kappa scores between a human rater and a machine rater for the new method for measuring joining reached 0.



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Sintoma Paternal- Jacques Alain Miller

The initial materials were lanthanum, calcium, nickel, and chromium nitrates of pure or analytical grade. The electrical parameters are virtually the same for lanthanum chromites containing calcium and strontium. The solubility of calcium in lanthanum chromite is reduced in the presence of nickel. Study of the thermodynamic properties and defect structure of the binary system Fesub 1 - y O Wuestite in the range 0. A device, consisting of galvanic cells composed of solid electrolytes, was specially designed and constructed for this study.

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