Your email address will not be published. Meaning of damnum sine injuria : Actual damage suffered without legal injury Meaning Word by Word: Damnum: Loss or damage Sine: Without Injuria: Injury to Private Legal Rights Explanation: The damage may be in form of money, service, physical hurt, loss of health or reputation and loss of comfort. According to this maxim, these are mere damages without any violation of Legal Rights. The maxim refers to actual damage without violation of any Legal Right. In such case, the mere fact of damage does not mean there is an injury i. There are many acts which are not wrongful in the eyes of Law Following damages are not actionable: Loss due to fair competition becaue a fair competition leads to the welfare of society as a whole.

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An intriguing discussion is worth comment. I think that you ought to write read more about this topic, it might not often be a taboo subject but usually persons are not enough to chat on such topics. To the next. Damnum sine injuria. Damnun sine injuria means damages , monetary loss, to the plaintiff without violation of legal right, not actionable because no injury to legal right. Mere loss of money's worth does not of itself constitute legal damage. There are many acts which though harmful are not wrongful in the eyes of law, therefore do not give rise to a right of action in favour of the person who sustains the harm.

No one is to be considered a wrong doer who merely avails himself of his legal rights, though his action may result in damage to another. Defendant was having adjacent land to the corporation land wherein there was well. Defendant was willing to sell his land. He approached the mayor of corporation.

Negotiations failed. Defendant dug well in his own land. Plaintiff sued Deft for damages for malice. There is factual malice, ill will digging well in his own land does not amount to tort. Because of some dispute Deft left plaintiff's school and started his own school. As defendant was very famous amongst students or his teaching,boys from plaintiffs school left and joined to Deft. Plaintiff sued Deft. Compensation is no ground of action even though monetary loss in caused if no legal right is violated of anybody.

The Deft dug well in his own land and thereby cut off the underground water supply of stream. Through percolation the water gathered in the well of deft.

The quantity of water of stream was reduced and the mill was closed for non availability of water. Plaintiff sued deft for damage. Not liable, because of principle of Damnum sine injuria.

No violation of legal right, though actual loss in money. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Labels: Case law , Law of Tort. Next Newer Post Previous This is the last post.

Unknown 22 July at Daniel Walker 13 February at Michael Smith 15 March at Branding Service 9 April at Peter 14 May at James 21 June at Smith 28 June at Vinod Sahu 6 November at Jason Roy 30 March at Robert Pattinson 24 April at Robert Pattinson 27 April at Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. See Also.. Possession : Meaning, Definition and Kinds of possession. According to Salmond, in the whole range of legal theory, there is no conception more difficult than that of Possession.

Doctrine of Res Gestae. Injuria sine damno. Definition of Transfer of Property and essentials For valid Transfer. Define the term Transfer of property , what are the Essentials of a valid Transfer of Property?


Damnum Sine Injuria And Injuria Sine Damnum

Basically tort means a conduct which is not straight or lawful, but, on the other hand, twisted or unlawful. There are three essential constituents of contract To know whether a person should be held liable for a tort or not these three essentials need to be present that there must be a lawful right, that lawful right has been violated and there is remedy provided in law for the wrongful action to bring plaintiff to a position where he originally was. Tort is a civil wrong provides for remedy, in common law. Law of Torts came from the fresh word which means twisted or wrong; it is based on the old remedies of trespass. Injuria Sine Damnum is a legal maxim derived from Latin word which means that injury caused to a party without actually suffering any physical harm or damage. Whenever there is an infringement or invasion of legal right, the person whose legal right was violated can approach to recover damage, though he may not have suffered actual harm.


Damnum Sine Injuria Law and Legal Definition

Maxim refers to the established principles and prepositions. That is the general rules or principles or guidelines laid down and which are to be followed by the general public. Maxims are very useful, as with the help of this particular point of law can be understood clearly and precisely and also used for the proper solution of the cases. Maxims are very widely used in various branches of law and so in the law of torts. As the law is a difficult subject having various interpretations, rules, and principles. It is therefore considered necessary to have these combinations of various Latin and French words to be used for much clearer understanding. However, the only difficult part of the use of these maxims is that they have to be applied with full precaution.


Injuria Sine Damno and Damnum Sine Injuria

This is exceptionally decent one and gives indepth data. A debt of gratitude is in order for this decent article. Superb examining. Thanks for sharing. It's late finding this show up.

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