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Jurgita Venckiene. Man produktyvumas ir darbingumas priklauso ne nuo dienos meto, o nuo konkretaus darbo. Aurelija Tamulioniene. Alvydas Umbrasas, dr. Kokia darbo dalis ju Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? Log In. Forgot account? Not Now. Information about Page Insights Data.

Kokia darbo dalis jums yra pati ypatingiausia? Kokiu paros metu esate produktyviausia? The section "scientists closer" invites you to meet another special representative of lithuanian language institute - senior scientific worker of the lithuanian language institute. A student who focus on the history of lithuanian language and shared language stories tells us about the features of her work, research beauty and relax.

What are your main scientific interests, research topics? I started my doctor's studies in , since then I've been working a scientific job I am interested in the beginning of our shared language in the At the end - how it came out, why so, not different the proposal for common language. What area are you exploring? Today I choose material for a new article about the th century.

End Author's personal and their books. In addition, I have been preparing two authorisations for these times. What part of the job is the most special to The most interesting start of the study, when I don't know what I'm going to find, curious to wrap thread - how does your work day look like?

What time are you most productive? My productivity and productivity depends not on the day of the day, but on a particular job. If I feel like someone is working, I'll get another job, and I'm giving up for a while, I'm back.

If so, recommend an interesting movie for our readers! Recently, the family's history has been most of children's movies. His favorite is "Harris potter", he's more than having to visit his shooting studio. Maybe you're interested in politics, literature, Sports?

Gorgeous Nature, walks in the woods. I love to read - it feels great to have a good read - what activities do you take to relax, get new ideas and strength? Relax, "Recharge" Helps Sports, unfortunately, my training is not happening right now Psychologist Dr. We invite you to read the full text of the scientist revealing how genes and the environment in which the child grows, affects his understanding of the world and the development of language.

We invite you to read a conversation with a student about the lithuanian language institute, published in the magazine " my country " published in the magazine " my country " and the opening of the public.

Continue Reading. Today in the section "scientists closer" we invite you to meet the director of the general language research center, director of the director for scientific affairs dr. A student, who focus on school lithuanian research, talks about her work, inspiration and discovery. I've been working my research for over ten years. Scientific interest has changed over time, thank you dr. It's a million that she invited and encouraged me to take the school topics of school.

Now I don't imagine myself somewhere else, I get lessons every day and learning how to watch and learn how students change - our future - language. Are you preparing any new job or article, maybe editing the text or fill the data base? Currently my work is divided into two parts: Administrative and scientific.

In administrative work everything does not stop, different, often planned work is done by others. With my colleagues. Grasilda Blessed, Dr. What part of the job is the most special to Scientific work allows you to experience the joy of a strong discovery with anyone. The most special part of the job is - how does your work day look like?

I'm the most productive in the morning, I read letters early in the morning, Work in the distance has improved the administrative work procedure, so I am currently starting on a working day with the director Dr.

I'm sorry. Without the opportunity to meet, I sincerely look forward to all my At least on Monday I am happy to see all the leaders on Monday, we meet other colleagues on Tuesday. Yeah, I love movies. I almost never watch them for the second time, so my third makes to see interesting movies at the latest: 1 Series " YOUNG POPE ", 2 " two we are family ", 3 " creation without author ".

If so, what music is your favorite? I can only work my scientific work in full silence. All other work PA is suitable for all other work PA. New ideas and strength first comes to me from people: family, family, friends, colleagues, sometimes maybe unknown; always inspires books, poetry, music, home.

I found a walk through the unknown roads until you reach home, there are eight and more kilometers. Who knows me at least knows that I like random thoughts in books or online would look like that day. This time I am sharing a quote with everyone today: " we live in essence of indifference, and we are covered with such a lot of information about others.

If you want, you can easily learn about people. Although you don't really know anything about them. Goosebumps Translated. The text was published in April. In the "Native language" issue. See more at LKI. Today we speak the soul of the lithuanian language institute - director Dr. An album. Her day is not only administrative, but also scientific work: Mrs Alps - Terminology, senior editor of the magazine, which focus on the terms and nomenclature of nature science, especially on plant names.

We invite you to meet the work, inspired and leisure. I've been working my research for 30 years. I came to work at the university of vilnius, I came to work at the time of the former lithuanian language and literature, and in After two separate institutions I continued my work in lithuanian language institute. The main area of my research is terminology, which I focus mainly on the terms and nomenclature of nature science, and I pay particular attention to research plant names. The second year is over when I can give only a small part of my working time, I usually write on the evenings or weekends, because all the time is taking administrative work.

I am currently writing a schedule on the development of plant names, I am looking at the name of the "grass" plant. Part II. Lithuanian plant dictionary and plant straight " When I consider the history of the term, I am surprised by the author, the creativity and the ability to show the beauty of our language.

I have written a lot about the name of plants and mushrooms created by plant and mushrooms - trying to understand the process of creating his newborn, looking for those names motivation, I am very happy when l go. Add the name created by your current use. Lately, my work day is normal, I am trying to solve all issues related to institute administration, scientific work, as I said, remain evenings or weekends, although there is often no strength to sit with research in the evening.

When I have time, I like to watch some interesting movie, and I don't watch series, I don't have loved ones, and I Among the favorite movies you can mention k.

There's a "Media County bridges", a. Minghello "Angel hospital", r. Working music I don't listen to my focus, I need silence. Maybe you go for a walk, go to another city, visit friends, go to the library or plant flowers Relax and relax usually happens in nature, I'm happy to go to my friends garden, and I always go to the sea. I like to plant and watch flowers too - I grow a lot of them at home, and spring flowers are blooming on the field.

The section "scientists closer" today invites you to meet the senior science worker Dr. Dawn talks about her work, his thoughts and inspiration. I'm an appointment. I have been interested in the history of religion for more than a decade. I have published more than one article on this topic, I released my schedule Interesting to explore how our language changes, new terms are created.

Once I had some magazine about fashion I thought it would be interesting to look at the dress terms, especially modern. So for another year in my eyes and various clothing names. A couple of weeks ago, I finished an article about pants I helped the tables.


Anglų-lietuvių kalbų žodynas

Turinys 1. III 2. III 3. Anotuoto 1 mln. Sutrumpinimai akronim.



This banner text can have markup. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Pagrindziama, kokios dimensijos ir vertinimo kriterijai bu- tij tinkami vertinti studijij kokybq Lietuvos universitetuose. Pa- teikiama studijij kokybes dimensijij, kriterijq ir rodikliq sam- prata.



Yesterday, last October, week, night , ago, when? He always works hard. He is working in his room now. Usually, always, often, never, sometimes, every day, in the morning, twice a years. Now, still, at the moment, this week, at present nowadays. Do I work?


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Jurgita Venckiene. Man produktyvumas ir darbingumas priklauso ne nuo dienos meto, o nuo konkretaus darbo. Aurelija Tamulioniene. Alvydas Umbrasas, dr.

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