The Latin -inspired name of the books loosely translates as "Book of Dragon Names". The book includes new dragons, among them steel, mercury, and yellow dragons. Rick Swan reviewed the original Draconomicon for Dragon magazine April Less successful are the adventures, four rather routine excursions that feature promising plots but suffer from a lack of development; one or two longer adventures would have been preferable to four short ones. The book was released again in by Wizards of the Coast with new cover artwork. Both editions of the book contain the same information but a Wizards of the Coast logo is included in latter.

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No portion of this work may be reproduced in any form with- out written permission. Ellenburg and H. T Hofveld 6d P. Distributed to the hobby, toy, and comic trade in the United States and Canada by regional distributors.

Distributed in the United States to the book trade by Holtzbrinck Publishing. Distributed in Canada to the book trade by Fenn Ltd. Distributed worldwide by Wizards of the Coast, Inc. This material is protected under the copyright laws of the United States of America. Any reproduction or unauthorized use of the material or artwork contained herein is prohibited without the express written permission of Wizards of the Coast, Inc.

This product is a work of fiction. Any similarity to actual people, organizations, places, or events is purely coincidental. Printed in the U. Visit our website at www. Contents Advanced Dragons. From a wyrmling raiding herds of sheep to The dragon reared, roaring, clawing at air the mighty Ashardalon feasting on preincarnate souls, And belching fire, and began to lunge down dragons do things that matter, whether on a small local Upon Dydd, but the druid slashed into scale or in the cosmic big picture.

And the lifeblood began to spill. Then Dydd Was slain, her heart wrested from her breast by That, in a nutshell, is the reason for this book. From the savage classes designed to make dragon encounters more interest- white to the majestic gold, dragons represent the greatest ing, challenging, and unusual.

In case the dragons already perils adventurers face at any point in their careers, as well described in the Monster Manual and other books are not as the greatest rewards they may hope to claim. Dragons are creatures of myth, often described as the first Draconomicon is not just about the rules, tactics, and ecol- sentient race to appear on a world, with life spans that ogy of dragons, however.

The illustrations in this book are stretch over hundreds of years. This game. Dragons are rapacious, arrogant, and deadly—but aspect of dragons makes them much more than just a chal- they are also majestic, awesome, and magnificent. A renewed lenging combat encounter: They are sages and oracles, fonts sense of the grandeur of dragons might not have as con- of wisdom and prophets of things to come.

Their very crete or noticeable an impact on your game as all the new appearance can be an omen of good or ill fortune. Whether you use it to build tasy, wonder, and magic, a world far from mundane in new draconic adversaries and exciting dragon lairs stocked every way.

Dragons ries that place dragons in such an iconic position that are creatures of legend, and with this book you can be a they had to be a part of the very name of the game. Dragons part of that legend. Retell it, relive it, reshape it in your are, by their very nature, epic forces in the world. Draconomicon will show you how. Manual are the dragon turtle, the pseudodragon, and the True dragons are those creatures that become more powerful wyvern.

Chapter 4 of this book contains a number of descrip- as they grow older. In addition, Appendix 2: Index of Dragons provides 4 pqqqqrs. The opening chapter of this book presents the tures that seem more feline than reptilian. Refer to truth about dragons—their types, habits, physiology, and worldview.

This arrangement dragon, the paragon of creation? It has a iris of a darker, contrasting color. Heavy scales cover a look like vertical slits. If one were to look very dragon from the tip of its tail to end of its snout. The dragon can shift and rotate this inner aperture up to 90 degrees, so that the inner pupil can overlay the outer one or lie at a right angle to it.

This ocular structure gives a dragon extremely accurate depth perception and focusing abil- ity no matter how much or how little light is available. The innermost mem- brane is crystal clear and serves to protect the 5 eye from damage while the dragon flies,.

The other two death. Other dragons have mastered the technique of grab- eyelids mainly serve to keep the inner membrane and the bing prey and swallowing it whole. A dragon can use these mouth closed, preventing the creature from biting. It is true inner lids to protect its eyes from sudden flashes of bright that a dragon applies more force when closing its jaws than light.

Even if an doing this does not affect its vision. Lockwood the skeleton by ligaments. The exact num- stable when flying or swimming. A dragon uses its fangs to mals. When a dragon bites down on number varies, even among dragons of the same kind , plus large prey, these teeth cut out a semicircle of flesh. A dragon can create a sawing motion dragon can grasp objects with its front feet, provided they with its incisors by wiggling its lower jaw and shaking its are not too small.

This grip is not precise enough for tool head from side to side, allowing the incisors to quickly shear use, writing, or wielding a weapon, but a dragon can hold through flesh and bone. A dragon also is capable of wielding 6 Many dragons learn to seize prey and literally shake it to magical devices, such as wands, and can complete somatic.

A dragon also uses its tail for propulsion when swimming, and as a weapon. Unlike a crocodile, however, a dragon has Most dragons have wings that resemble bat wings, with a relatively short supporting alar limb, ending in a vestigial hundreds of hard, durable scales covering its body. A claw that juts forward. Unlike the the alar phalanges; see Skeleton, below , which stretch far beyond the alar limb. This ALL ABOUT sort of wing also has an alar limb with phalanges supporting DRAGONS scales are much harder and less flexible than the spines, the forward third of the wing, but the remainder of the wing is supported by modified frill spines that have only a limited with a resistance to blows that exceeds that of steel.

These scales lens. As the function. The inner lens 2 , however, is a mass of transparent muscle fibers that dragon moves its body, the scales tend to shift as the skin can polarize incoming light. This phenomenon has led some distance vision. These scales interlock with dragon see in dim light. A dragon literally sees light twice, once when it strikes neighboring scales, giving the surface of the body a pebbly the retina and again when it is reflected back.

It is the tapetum texture. Refer to the accompanying illustrations as you read on. Instead, its individual scales grow larger, and it also grows new scales as its body gets bigger.

Over the years, a scale may weather and crack near the edges, but its slow growth usually proves sufficient to replace any portion that breaks off. Dragons occasionally lose scales, especially if they become badly damaged. Old scales often litter the floors of long-occupied dragon lairs. When a dragon loses a scale, it usually grows a new one in its place. The new scale tends to be smaller than its neigh- bors and usually thinner and weaker as well.

These tales are true as far as they go, but one 7. Dragons speak a strident language strong, yet exceptionally light. In cross-section they look The trachea 4 connects the larynx to the lungs. In addition to being shows a dragon skeleton in detail. The Illus. Blood vessels, 36 caudal vertebrae. The bulk of the tion of powerful muscular eye remains buried inside the skull, with only action and elemental force.

The brain also has large areas dedicated to memory at best. Given the number of bones in a dragon skeleton, how- and reasoning. Nelson flight. These muscles can exert tremendous force and con- dragons themselves have few doubts. The alar deltoid 3 and alar cleidomastoid 4 draw the endothermic creatures, respectively. An ectothermic creature lacks the ability to produce its The muscles of the wings serve mainly to control the own heat and must depend on its environment for warmth.

The alar tricep 5 and alar bicep 6 fold and unfold blood, because they are able to find environmental heat to the wings. The alar carpi ulnaris 7 and alar carpi radialus warm their bodies. The notion that they are warm- blooded is silly. Given their elemental nature, they could hardly be otherwise. Acid- and electricity- and then draw an unrelated conclusion from the lot. Likewise, cold-using dragons become colder as they age.

Acid- and electricity-using dragons have about. Dragon eggs vary in size depending on the kind Unlike most endothermic of dragon. They are generally the same color creatures, dragons have no as the dragon that laid obvious way to shed excess them and the have the CHAPTER 1: body heat. Instead, the the dragon that laid them for DRAGONS draconis fundamentum extracts example, black dragon eggs are heat from the bloodstream and black or dark gray and impervi- stores the energy.

In a sense, then, a ous to acid. A dragon egg has dragon can be considered ectother- an elongated ovoid shape and mic because it can use environmen- a hard, stony shell. However, when a dragon is A female dragon deprived of an external heat source, its can produce eggs metabolism and activity level do not beginning at her young change.



No portion of this work may be reproduced in any form with- out written permission. Ellenburg and H. T Hofveld 6d P. Distributed to the hobby, toy, and comic trade in the United States and Canada by regional distributors. Distributed in the United States to the book trade by Holtzbrinck Publishing. Distributed in Canada to the book trade by Fenn Ltd.


DnD v3.5 - Draconomicon

As a result, Catastrophic Dragons are only detailed in the Monster Manual 3 and in a pair of articles in Dragon Magazine issues and , whilst the Scourge Dragons have never seen the light of day. The Forgotten Realms Draconomicon was, like its predecessors, basically a Big Book o' Dragons for DMs, but with a lense specifically on the dragons of faerun, rather than the more setting neutral stance that its first successor would take. Chapter 1 is titled "Reference". This chapter talks about various aspects of dragon-dom within Faerun; the list is long and covers many different sub-topics:. Chapter 2 is titled "Geography". It's basically a "where do dragons live?


D&D Draconomicon.pdf

Endless tomes recount epic tales illuminating the might and majesty of dragons. Formidable allies and more fearsome opponents, no other creatures have ever inspired such awe and wonder. These PDF files are digitally watermarked to signify that you are the owner. A small message is added to the bottom of each page of the PDF containing your name and the order number of your purchase. Warning : If any files bearing your information are found being distributed illegally, then your account will be suspended and legal action may be taken against you. Login My Library Wishlists.

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