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But the goal of our instruction is love from a pure heart and good conscience and a sincere faith. Blog: Max Dawson December 19, It sounded like a really great idea to some folks. I encountered it about 25 years ago.

Several Christians here in Southeast Texas sort of fell in love with the idea. We are just going to be Christians. Every few years someone seems to come up with this revolutionary idea of churchless Christianity. They think they have found something everyone else has missed. They imagine that they have discovered the heart of true Christianity.

This sort of rather aimless movement can take many forms. But one of its consistent marks is that of throwing off institutional religion. They claim to be real followers of Jesus, living in a fellowship without the confines of church. A good idea? Besides being unscriptural, the very idea of churchless Christianity is unrealistic, unworkable and an immature approach to serving God. All the saved are added to that universal body of believers.

Disciples, then, were expected to be part of an organized assembly of believers—the local church ;. Local churches were organized with bishops and deacons. Bishops had oversight of those churches as the saints worked together. They worked together out of a common treasury.

Immature, because they imagine their little group will survive over the long haul without the God-given directive of corporate worship, and the God-given mandate of accountability and leadership.

Immature, in that they are much like the young couple who imagine that romance preserves a marriage. In truth, those couples who have made it to their golden anniversary know that it is the institution of marriage that preserves the romance! It is the local church, with its God-given structure, that helps preserve disciples and gives them a long term working arrangement that helps them survive.

Blessings to you, church lovers, —Max. Dowlen Road Church of Christ But the goal of our instruction is love from a pure heart and good conscience and a sincere faith.

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In striking research undertaken in the mid-eighties and published in , Herbert E. Hoefer found that the people of Madras City are far closer to historic Christianity than the populace of any cities in the western Christian world could ever claim to be. Yet these are not Christians, but rather Hindus and Muslims. In their midst is a significant number of true believers in Christ who openly confess to faith in fundamental Biblical doctrines, yet remain outside the institutional church. The article expands this idea that one does not need to become a Christian or to change his religious practices; he just needs to add Jesus to his spiritual equation:. It will lead not to an indigenous Christianity but to a Christianized Hinduism. Perhaps more accurately we should say a Christ-ized Hinduism.


Do the churchless Christians have it right?

One of the tragic occurrences in the evolution of contemporary religion is the presence of "Churchless Christianity". The assertion that the followers of this Christianity believe is that it is the Lord Jesus Christ who saves us, not the Church. They no longer want or need a Church. They stress that "all you need is Jesus.


Churchless Christianity (Revised Edition)

I want to give you reasons, however, why this is no reason to avoid going to church. In many ways, I agree with it. I want to offer a few snacks of caution to chew on, if I may. As always, please feel free to like , not like, comment , or question any of my posts. Your opinions are welcome. As you may know, I am fond of saying that being in church does not make you a Christian any more than being in a garage makes you a car. I just want to float some ideas by you and you can determine if they are biblical or not.

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