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Login or Sign Up Log in with. Search in titles only. Children of Gaia Tribebook Revised. Posts Latest Activity. Page of 4. Filtered by:. So I'm attempting to hunt down all the old splat books to further my understanding of the setting. I've noticed scattered through out the internet notably at tvtropes that this tribe book is "infamous".

I was just curious as to why? Tags: None. Well the "infamous" ranges from hippies getting beaten, a homosexual Lupus and a black spiral dancer getting the "taint" removed from him in a rite if I'm not mistaken. Honestly I don't see what the fuss is about.

You've been playing around the magic that is black But all the powerful magical mysteries never gave a single thing back. Comment Cancel Post. The introduction of a staff fighting style could that be it. No definitely what Dwight said. Heavy Arms.

Part of it is a more general tonal issue, and the times. The Revised splat books, across all the big game lines, where generally fairly good at taking what were somewhat two dimensional highly stereotyped groups and fixing that. A lot of the "infamous" Revised splat books failed at that, and did so by trying too hard. This is the core of the issue with CoG Revised.

In the context of what the others books were doing, and the time it came out, in basically ended up doubling down on all the worst stereotypes of the CoGs, instead of doing squat to make them more interesting to play. Saur Ops Specialist. No one mentioned Rite of the Clouds and Rain? Violate the first tenet of the Litany to get a nebulous, mechanically undefined bonus to resisting frenzy? The worst sin of the book is that it has the Children advocating peace all the time, between everyone, instead of trying to unify the Garou and Fera.

That's their central thing. Not world peace, not being gentle, but being werewolves that want to only maim and kill the enemies that they should be maiming and killing. They want to get everything back on track so that the Changing Breeds are all working together to fight against the Corrupter.

And maintaining it would pretty much be a full time thing after it happened, so there are no real visions of peace to be had, especially when no one is really likely to end up using that rite at the end of Weaver Ascendant that gives the Wyrm back its sanity by freeing it from being bound by the Weaver. Ana Mizuki. But the main problem with the book? It sounds like WtA, but it feels like it was written by someone who didn't quite understand how the garou worked.

My gallery. Originally posted by Heavy Arms View Post. Homo sapiens. What an inventive, invincible species. It's only a few million years since they crawled up out of the mud and learned to walk.

Puny, defenceless bipeds. They've survived flood, famine and plague. They've survived cosmic wars and holocausts. And now, here they are, out among the stars, waiting to begin a new life. Ready to outsit eternity. They're indomitable. The first three revised tribe books are not the best. The CoG is just the worst of those three. Fianna started a very nice trend and most of the following books were far better with the Shadow Lords and Get of Fenris being probably the best.

I have no idea what they were smoking when they wrote CoG. It's like the writers never actually bothered to go beyond the worst sterotypes on the Children and their place in life. Who in his right mind actually let that slip out of editing? The whole thing completely missed out representing how the CoG work and what they think. Sure, they are about Unity, avoiding unnecessary conflict and changing humanity from the inside. But they're also Garou.

They are warriors born, and they fight and don't let anyone get in their way. They're not hopped up beatific hippies, Gaia damn it! Black Furies also missed the point quite badly. It was essentially written by someone with a very bad grasp of feminism and female empowerment, and it essentially ends up presenting the Furies as a bunch of whiners that constantly complain and never do anything.

It was sad. Bone Gnawers is the best of the three, but is still has some suspect ideas, especially on the whole view of Hobos since the time there were no cities. Sigh, where was oversight there. Get of Fenris is such a stellar look on a tribe that goes way beyond common misconceptions and actually gives depth and meaning to the tribe usually presented as Killy McMurder. What doesn't kill you, makes you Originally posted by Ana Mizuki View Post.

Last edited by Su-tehp ; , PM. Originally posted by Asmodai View Post. The idea of a homosexual lupus Garou isn't as far fetched now as it was when the book was written.

While assigning sexuality to non-human animals is difficult, studies into sexual behaviors have shown that same-sex preference in some forms exists in many mammals. Combining that with gaining a human intellect could result in a homosexual lupus.

The fact that they're banging a Garou, and a packmate, using the "not pregnancies" as a loophole and their pack being cool with it is still insipidly stupid.

My only problem was the packmate bit. One of my players when next we play Werewolf is thinking of playing a CoG concept the perky cheerleader. This I can buy. I can buy the warrior that fights only when he must. I can buy a CoG activist involved heavily with the Occupy movement.

I can't fathom how a tribe with so much potential became the worst tribe book. Originally posted by Lian View Post. Previous 1 2 3 4 Next. Help Contact Us Go to top. All rights reserved. Yes No. OK Cancel.


WtA - Children of Gaia Tribebook (Revised)

Only by returning hate with understanding, by ever-forgiving one's enemy, will the Apocalypse be diverted. The third Tribebook looks at the Children of Gaia: their enduring history, legends and behavior, as told by a Child of Gaia sage. This heavily illustrated book reveals the hidden triumph of good over evil throughout history. Includes: The history and culture of the Children of Gaia, a Legends of the Garou comic book, five ready-to-play character templates. Log In. New Account or Log In.



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