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Manual zz. Table of parameters 9. Alarms 9. Troubleshooting Technical specifications Wiring diagrams General features 1. A number of different models are available, allowing you to find the best possible solution for your application at an extremely competitive price. IR32ME: An electronic digital thermometer, capable of managing one or two probes.

The ideal solution for applications requiring temperature monitoring. It is possible to display the temperature of either the first or the second probe by the use of a switch connected to the thermometer. In addition, the modification of a specific parameter will allow the display of the weighted average of the two probes. This instrument works both as a thermometer it displays the temperature and as an electronic thermostat: it activates the compressor or the solenoid valve in multiplexed systems to keep the temperature at the set value.

The unit also controls automatic defrosting by switching off the compressor. The IR32SE can be used simply as a thermostat. In this case it proves to be extremely useful in cooling applications activating compressors, etc and heating applications activating elements, etc.

As well as the thermometer and thermostat functions present in the IR32SE , these units also control the defrosting actuator. The duration of and time-interval between successive defrost cycles can be set. Defrosting will stop when the defrost end temperature is reached by connecting a probe to the evaporator , or after a set time interval if the defrost end temperature is not reached.

The latter option is included as standard. The two modes can be selected by varying a specific. IR32CE: A complete solution for the control of ventilated units working at low temperatures. Thanks to the very latest technology, we have achieved a unique product that integrates 4 relays VA into a case just 74mm wide, 72mm deep and 33mm in height, without sacrificing performance and reliability.

It performs the functions of: thermometer and thermostat. The unit also controls defrost actuators timed or temperature defrost ; evaporator fans, which can be controlled by various algorithms; alarms, with the possibility to de-energise the relay when the alarm is active. All models also feature low power consumption operation, enabling increased immunity to drops in power voltage.

When the voltage drops within the instrument below a certain threshold, the machine switches off the display to reduce power consumption, continuing all other normal functions: the relays remain energised and as soon as the voltage returns to the normal value, the display is switched on again.

LED Display The LED display shows two and half digits; the temperature value appears with one decimal point you can omit this by modifying the relative parameter and has a range of from In addition, there are up to 4 LED indicators depending on the model that light up when the output they represent is ON. Buzzer All controllers come complete with an alarm buzzer upon request. Remote control To make it easier to set and display the working parameters, you can request your controller complete with the Infrared receiver.

In this case you will be able to use the remote control unit to perform any operation. One remote control unit can be used for several Infrared controllers placed within the same room, with no interference since each controller can be identified by a specific access code.

Duty setting This function allows the compressor to run even if the regulation probe room probe is damaged. This is particularly useful when a rapid fall of temperature is required. This option must be specified when ordering.

The serial output is available in RS standard with 2-leads plus shield: this allows up to machines to be connected to the same serial line. Please remember that the Carel MasterPlant supervision, monitoring and telemaintenance system can manage up to 4 serial lines. Virtual probe All models equipped with two probes may be adjusted to regulate the unit on the basis of the weighted average temperature or the two probes.

It is also possible to choose which probe either the first or the second will be the most important in the determination of the final value. The value relative to the virtual probe will appear on the parametro display.

For more details see parameter 4. Dimensions Even the most sophisticated model has standard dimensions. Panel mountings usually require a 71x29mm drilling template thus making it extremely simple and fast to replace older CAREL controllers with newer Infrared instruments.

All controllers come complete with a flat gasket that contributes to increase the protection index of the panel housing the controller. No screws are required to mount the instrument on panel.

NTC probe The instruments have been designed to be connected to Carel NTC probes, as these provide greater precision in the required operating range. Watch dog This is a special device that will protect the microprocessor of the controller even in the event of strong electromagnetic noises. In case of abnormal conditions the watch dog restores the initial functioning status of your unit.

Electromagnetic compatibility The Infrared series conforms to EU standards on electromagnetic compatibility. Instrument and accessory code numbers 2. Remember that all safety devices necessary to correct operation must be fitted in advance.

A fuse of value equal to that written by the manufacturer on the transformer label must be inserted in series with the power transformer primary. Slacken each screw, insert the lead and then tighten the screws. Finally, tug gently to make sure there is a secure grip. When tightening the screws, do not use a torque wrench, or if used, adjust it to a torque less than 50Ncm. Do not place power leads and probe leads in the same channels including those of the electrical panel.

Furthermore, avoid placing probe leads in the immediate vicinity of powered components thermo-magnetic contactors or others. Note that thermistor temperature probes NTC have no polarity and the terminals may therefore be connected either way. To connect probes, leads with a minimum cross-section of 1mm2 should be used, and may be screened. In this case the screening should be connected to terminal 6 on the control; it should not be connected to earth or to any shield at the other end of the screening i.

Cleaning the instrument Cleaning the instrument: when cleaning do not use ethylic alcohol, hydrocarbons petroleum , ammonia and its derivates. Only use water and neutral detergent when cleaning display. Between the contacts of different and neighbouring relays, on the other hand, insulation is principal; i. It is necessary therefore to take care to not power one of the AUX relay contacts with the 12 or 24V secondary of the safety transformer while the DEFROST contacts are working at V, or else the double insulation is lost.

All models also feature low power consumption operation enabling increased immunity to drops in power voltage. When the voltage drops within the instrument below a certain threshold, the machine switches off the display to reduce power consumption, continuing all other normal functions: the relays remain energised and as soon as the voltage returns to the normal value, the display switches on again. Important: all options, including the serial card, are fixed: that is, they must be specified at the time of order.

Where connection is provided to a supervisory network, it is necessary to take care when earthing the system. In particular: - the secondary side of transformers supplying the equipment must not be earthed.

See diagram for further details. Def Def F 0. Important: please, specify the optional functions you need when placing your order. PRG fan mute def. SEL 5 al. The temperature measured by the probe is displayed to a 10th of a degree resolution between It is possible to exclude the decimal point by modifying the 6 7 8 9 10 value of the 6 parameter. Functions The factory-set program makes your unit perform the following main functions: IR32ME specifically programmed for the detection of two different temperature values.

High and low temperature alarms are inhibited. When the continuous cycle functioning mode is ON, it will last 4 hours. After this cycle the temperature alarm will be delayed for two hours. While IR32XE is configured to control electrical temperature defrost. The temperature displayed during the defrost cycle will be that acquired before the beginning of the cycle.

At the end of the defrost cycle the evaporator will drain down for 2 minutes and the high temperature alarm will be inhibited for 1 hour. IR32CE performs the same functions as IR32YE plus the control and regulation of the evaporator fans: these will be stopped when the compressor is off and during each defrost cycle. At the end of the dripping time, the fans will remain off for 3 minutes; this time-delay is necessary to restore the normal temperature of the evaporator before re-starting the fans.

The defrost cycle, however, will last max. The fourth relay will change state thus indicating an alarm condition. Programming and configuration All Infrared controllers are supplied ready to use. The values of the main working parameters have been factory-set on the basis of the most frequent and common requirements to meet the greatest number of application needs. It is always possible to change the pre-set values to get the maximum from the controls or personalise the unit according to your requirements.

We will also list all the parameters whose values should always be carefully checked before starting the unit see table on page 8. PRG 12 6. All parameters can be modified via keypad as well as via remote control unit or serial line if present. In order to modify the parameters via front panel keypad, observe the following instructions. Access to type C parameters is gained as follows: parameter C. PRG Important: it is necessary to press mute to save the new values.

In case of power failure before has been pressed, all modifications will be lost. The instrument will return to its normal functioning mode without any modification to the parameters.


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