Struts Design and Programming : A Tutorial. Budi Kurniawan. Struts is the most popular framework for building scalable Java Web applications. The first part of this book explains the latest version of Struts and teaches how to build real-world Struts applications. The second part goes the extra mile to discuss how to design Struts applications and solve common problems in Struts development.

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SCJP 1. I'm convinced this is and will remain the authoritative book on Struts 2. I know that more are being written but I don't care. You will not find one better. Forum: Book Reviews. Struts 2 Design and Programming by Budi Kurniawan. Book Review Team. I've never worked with Struts 2 in the past yet I was able to get a pretty solid understanding of it in a very short amount of time.

Granted, I've had plenty of experience with the original Struts, JSF , and other web technologies, but I think even a beginner could pick this up fairly easily. I let a friend of mine who had used Struts 2 on a project before skim through my copy of Struts 2 Design and Programming to check for any gaping holes or errant information before writing this review.

It passed his inspection. Thanks, Eric! These sections actually were quite pleasant to read and were great introductions to those topics without taking anything away from the main topic. When you start making your way into chapters 5 and 6, feel free to jump around to other chapters. Come back to these chapters every once in a while to chew off two or three of the tags at a time. This tip will add to your reading enjoyment.

Overall, this is a terrific book and I highly recommend it to anyone working with or curious about Struts 2. More info at Amazon. Eric Nielsen.

I'm still working my way through it, but aside form the chapter on form tags, I think Ian Roughly's book the full book, not the mini book is a stronger book. Kurniawan's book might be slightly better as a "reference" volume, but its a little too "prosy" for that, and again accepting the form-tag coverage, doesn't feel comprehensive enough to truly be a reference tome. Roughly's book also suffers from the not-quite comprehensive enough feel. Using a single application as the thread connecting the book, at times it feels like he's reaching to pull in a concept he wants to teach about and as a result the application might not stand too well as an example of good use of Struts 2, but as many good examples of concepts in isolation.

Of course to give the author's credit, a lot of this is still being hashed out and radically changed from point release to point release.

Cameron Wallace McKenzie. I like Hi Eric. I haven't picked up these books, but is the promise for them to be a reference book? Do the books promise to be a reference tome, or is it just your hope when picking up the book? One of my biggest problems with books today is they try to be reference books, and as a result, they just regurgitate online documentation instead of explaining the most basic concepts.

I've found that with many of the Hibernate books out there. They contain page after page of documentation, or reference material, but do very little to explain the fundamentals. The Hibernate 'bible' even uses the standard, free, online caveat emptor application as it's "case study," rather than trying to teach you Hibernate from an original, or more educationally sound, example.

I wonder if the desire for books to be 'all things to all people' isn't part of the reason why so many technical books suck these days? Just something I'm thinking about as I'm writing another technical book. Do I regurgitate the free, online documentation, for fear that someone will write a bad amazon review saying "I can't believe he put this book out without covering section 2.

Regards, -Cameron McKenzie. I don't think either book positioned itself as a reference book. My comments were more reacting to the original reviews calling it "the authoritative book on Struts 2". Neither book is written by a core committer, so in that sense neither is pre-positioned for an "authoritative" mantel. However Struts 2 Design and Programming feels more like a reference book.

It does give a rather O'Reilly like guide to the tag libraries in terms of providing one-liner descriptions for all of the attributes and more detailed for some. It also seems to have a weaker thread connecting the chapters, which also gives it a referencey feel.

I ordered this book because it was originally scheduled to be the first struts2 book released. I was actually avoiding Roughley's book since I was very un-impressed with his free book But with the release slips, I ended up getting it just because I'm also looking forward to Don Brown's book as that will be one from a core committer , plus I tend to like Manning Press's Java books.

Neither book completely satisfies me, but I'd rate Roughley's book well above Kurniawan's. Both are poorly titled though of course titles often are not under the author's control I did get a lot of interesting paradigms out of Roughley's, but as mentioned feel like they don't fit together well and as structured in his text seems to lead to an overly complicated mish-mash especially when dealing with interceptors. Hi i want to know that is indian edition of Strut2 Design and programming book available in india?

Hi i also want to know that is indian edition of Strut2 Design and programming book available in india? If yes then where can i get this in Delhi at what price? I have been waiting for long for this book. Joe Harry. Yes, I think this is available in India as I heard from my friend that he had purchased it.

You have to probably call a couple of book shops near your locality and check! Hi I have called many shops even in whole Nai Sarak market famous for all kind of books in Delhi but could not succeed.

I called even their publishing house in Daryagang in Delhi but they told me that they dont know about that. Hi i am living in bangalore so can any body suggest me where i can get this book? Hi manas I think indian edition for this has not been published till now. I am also waiting for this book. It is a very nice book. I am looking for indian edition Till now i am wandering that can i get indian edition of this book?

Thanks in advance. Hi I am also waiting for this indian edition book but it has not come in the market till now. Don't know when will come?

Ernest Friedman-Hill. Originally posted by pradeep singh: Any update? Have you tried asking the publisher? We don't get any special information about this sort of thing here at the Ranch.

Imtiaz Kalburgi. Akbar Khan. Jay Tai. I tend to agree. I'm working through it BUT I have one problem. On chapter 11 the MySQL script isn't there. Any idea why? Is there an errata for this book? Author's email? How else can I Obtain the mySqlScripts? Can you smell this for me? I think this tiny ad smells like blueberry pie! Boost this thread! Struts Design and Programming by Budi Kurniawan. Apache Jakarta-Tomcat by James Goodwill.


Struts 2 Design and Programming : A Tutorial

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Struts 2: Design and Programming

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Struts Design and Programming : A Tutorial

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