Hypertrophy Max is designed to be appropriate for both beginners and advanced bodybuilders. It is mainly focused on Muscular Hypertrophy. The program consists of a set of principles that allow users to grow their muscular mass safely and steady. Ordering this brand new product, customers will receive DVD with the techniques of the exercises.

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Ben Pakulski Hypertrophy Max is 12 months of the most advanced periodized training to date. So many people were asking Ben Pakulski what they should do after MI40, because of the amazing results they got.

Here are the top 3 reasons why you Hypertrophy Max is better than MI MI40 only lasts for one month. MI40 is superb if you'd only like to workout for a month, but otherwise it's not long enough to see the best results possible. Ben Pakulski Hypertrophy Max utilizes many of the same principles of MI40, but strategically programs of his best muscle-building techniques into 12 months of unique hypertrophy workouts.

Watch one of Ben Pakulski Hypertrophy Max calves workout here. Many of the users of MI40 found that they had a lot a questions that never got answered.

Get all of your muscle building or fat loss questions answered literally in under an hour. In Hypertrophy Max you'll get personal access to Vince and Ben, whenever you need help from them. If you'd like to learn more about Hypertrophy Max, watch the video above where Ben reveals his best calves training secret. Watch one of Ben Pakulski Hypertrophy Max calves workout here 2. Continue via Facebook Or use your email. Enter password. Sign in Cancel. Create password. Sign up Cancel.


Ben Pakulski Hypertrophy Max

Those familiar with Vince Del Monte know that he began by writing a bodybuilding e-book that got fairly popular. To follow this up, Ben and Vince teamed up to create Hypertrophy Max. The idea behind this program was that it would be 6 different hypertrophy programs delivered every month in hard copy and dvd format, followed by 6 specialized programs for specific body parts. They only kept the offer open for about two weeks, and then closed off the site until January This caused quite a stir amongst the members, because most of the members said they would prefer to have it digitally since they could print it and make their own dvds , save the extra money, and not have to wait several weeks for it to arrive in the mail. It became pretty clear from the beginning of this launch that Ben is the brains behind the training and nutrition , and Vince is the brains behind the marketing. And they are both very good at those things.


Top Hypertrophy Max: Review Exposes Vince Del Monte & Ben Pakulski New Muscle Building Program

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