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Page Count: Baxi UK Limited is one of the leading manufacturers. Our first priority is to give a high quality service to our. Quality is designed into every Baxi product. To keep ahead of changing trends, we have made a. We hope you get a satisfactory service from Baxi. The boiler meets the requirements of Statutory Instrument.

Type test for purpose of Regulation 5 certified by:. The appliance is suitable for installation only in. For Ireland. The installation must be. Where no specific instructions are. This appliance must be installed in. Read the instructions before installing or.

If a gas leak is found or suspected, turn off the. Installer or British Gas Service will be able to. If a water or gas leak occurs or is suspected, the boiler can be. Turn off the electrical supply and turn the selector switch on. Using a suitable open ended spanner or screwdriver turn the. The isolating valves are positioned under the boiler and can be.

Call your Service Engineer as soon as possible. Please ensure that your installer has completed the Installation. Book over. The details of the Log Book will be required in the. Keep the Log Book in a safe place.

Both should be recorded in your. You can check your installer is registered by. It is fully automatic and does not have a. Priority is given to the hot water mode - when. Neons 12 to 15 indicate the operational status. Neons 6 to 11 have a dual function,. Central Heating Temperature Control. Hot Water Temperature Control. Central Heating System Pressure Gauge.

Optional Integral Timer Position. Safety Thermostat Activated. Fault on Fan or Flue. Fault on Pump or Low System Pressure.

Fault on Hot Water Sensor. Fault on Central Heating Sensor. Domestic Hot Water Mode. Central Heating Mode. Ensure that the electricity and gas supplies are. Check that the central heating pressure. In either position the green power on indicator. Position i In this position the central heating. Priority is given to domestic hot water. Neons 6 to 11 will illuminate as. Position ii In this position hot water will be.

The hot water neon will illuminate. The boiler will light automatically on demand. The orange burner on neon will illuminate.

The boiler will not operate and. Central Heating: The central heating hot water. Turn the control knob clockwise to increase the. In normal winter usage we recommend that the. Domestic Hot Water: The temperature of the. The temperature of the water is also dependent. By slightly reducing the flow from the tap the. The flow rate can be reduced down to as low.

The boiler will still recognise the. The red flame failure neon will illuminate in. Turn the selector switch fully anti-clockwise. R and release Fig. Set the selector to the. If the flame failure light illuminates repeatedly a.

Your Service Engineer should. Your Baxi Combi 80e or e is fitted with an. The safety thermostat neon will. To reset: Turn the selector fully anti-clockwise. If the safety thermostat operates repeatedly,.

Service Engineer should be contacted as soon as. The boiler is fitted with an air pressure sensing. If the neon illuminates it indicates that. If there. The neon will illuminate if the circulating. Section 3. If the pressure is in the normal range,. Contact your Service. Engineer to determine the nature of the fault. With the selector switch in either Position i or. Position ii Figs. Pressure Neon Sensor Fault.

A pressure of 3 or greater indicates a fault. The safety pressure relief valve will operate, at a. It is important that your. If the pressure falls below 0. For short periods: Turn the selector switch to.

For long periods: Turn off the selector switch. If your home is to be left unoccupied for long. The boiler will not operate. The frost protection feature will operate when. The gas and electrical supplies to the boiler must. Further frost protection can be incorporated by. Both sides - 5mm. Front - 5mm In Operation. These areas must not be obstructed in any. The gas burning compartment of your boiler is. Products from the combustion of gas are.


Baxi Combi 80e and 105e Owner's Manual

Quick Links. Table of Contents. Servicing Instructions. Please leave these instructions with the user. Gas fired wall mounted condensing combination boiler 52 pages. Gas fired wall mounted condensing combination boiler 64 pages. Gas fired wall mounted condensing combination boiler 13 pages.


Baxi fault finding chart. Combi 80e and 105e

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Baxi Combi 80E


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