We have Audi TT manuals covering a total of 20 years of production. Our most popular manual is the Audi--TT Cylinders 1. This like all of our manuals is available to download for free in PDF format. In total, that's over pages of content dedicated to your Audi TT. We get a lot of people coming to the site looking to get themselves a free Audi TT Haynes manual.

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Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents. Owner's Manual. Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Page 3 Foreword Thank you for choosing an Audi. Your new Audi is a combination of superb craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology. We recommend that you read this Owner's Manual carefully so that you quickly become familiar with your vehicle and can take full advantage of all its functions in everyday use.

Page 4 Mileage recorder Audi active lane assist lane departure warning feature Page Notes on Audi connect Page 6 Table of Contents Stowing luggage safely Texts with this symbol draw your attention to Please ensure that this Owner's Manual is always a possible risk of damage to your vehicle. Depending on equipment fitted: Audi virtual cockpit instrument cluster This is no cause for concern provided the warning lamp Driver information system..

If there is less than 7 litres of fuel in c the tank, the left LED will light up in red and the B rake system The coolant level is too low. Obtain professional assistance. Greater strength Note If the indicator lamp goes out, this If the warning lamp. Lights up, note the information in the instrument Stabilisation control ESC : fault! See owner's cluster. Page 19 Q Suspension control injury. You can continue driving have potentially fatal consequences. Page 22 Driver information system Control buttons Direct selection buttons Applies to: vehicles with multi-function steering wheel plus Applies to: vehicles with multi-function steering wheel plus Fig.

Page Camera-Based Traffic Sign Recognition - The information in the memory is deleted if Traffic sign recognition is not available in all the battery is disconnected. For a current list, see the Internet e. Page 26 Function unavailable in this country The vehicle is being driven in a country outside the system's operational area.

For a current list of supported countries, go to www. Traffic sign recognition: currently restricted. See owner's manual Fig. Drive to a qualified When the ignition is switched off, this message workshop soon. Page 29 Driver information system The. Page 30 Driver information system - The data recorded in the lap timer remain stored after the ignition is switched off.

Have the remote control coding for vehicle - even if you only intend to be gone for key deactivated. Page 33 Doors and windows. Insert the emergency key. Central locking switch can unlock the vehicle again via the[ ] button in the central locking switch. Adjusting the settings for the central locking system You can use the infotainment system to select which doors are unlocked by the central locking system.. Page 36 Doors and windows Once the passenger's door has been closed it can Locking and unlocking the doors manually no longer be opened from the outside.

The door can be opened from the inside by pulling the door handle. Do not leave anyone especially children in To deactivate the alarm, switch on the ignition or the car if it is locked from the outside and the press the button on the remote control key.

Page 41 Doors and windows Erasing the button programming 2. The exact location and colour of the button may vary depending on the type of system. If possible, switch the left or right parking lights on. The turn signals will flash if you move the lever - Observe all relevant statutory requirements while the ignition is switched on.

The parking when using the lighting systems described lights will be switched on if you do this with the here. Clear vision Adjusting the exterior mirrors Fig. Page 48 Lights and vision. Page Windscreen Wipers Lights and vision Windscreen wipers tra-wipe function is activated again the next time you switch on the ignition.

Keep hold of the wiper blade while side temperature is low. Page Digital Compass Lights and vision Digital compass The digital compass only works when the ignition is on. Calibrating compass Applies to: vehicles with digital compass The compass must be re-calibrated if the display is incorrect or inaccurate..

Page Seats And Storage Seats and storage Seats and storage belt and airbag could fail to restrain the wearer properly in an accident, possibly General notes leading to injury. Page Rear Seat Bench Seats and storage Front centre armrest - Do not drive with the backrests of the front seats reclined too far as otherwise the seat Applies to vehicles with centre armrest belt and airbag could fail to restrain the The centre armrest can be adjusted to several wearer properly in an accident, possibly positions.

These connecting equipment for longer periods. Page 59 Seats and storage Lowering the luggage compartment floor panel The luggage compartment f loor p anel can be lowered in certain special cases. This will also reduce emissions. Air conditioner Note Description - Keep the air intake slots in front of the The air conditioner heats, cools and dehumidifies windscreen clear of snow, ice and leaves to the air inside the vehicle.

Page 62 Heating and cooling Controls for automatic air conditioner Applies to: vehicles with automatic air conditioner Fig. The windows may mist up as a result. This setting will be stored for approximately 15 minutes after the ignition is The air recirculation mode can be switched on switched off.

Page 64 Heating and cooling. Page 66 Driving Avoid driving at high speed A cold engine uses disproportionately more fuel.

The engine only reaches its working temperature Avoid travelling at top speed. Page Starting And Stopping Driving Steering Starting and stopping the engine Adjusting the steering wheel position Starting the engine The height and reach of the steering wheel can b e adjusted as required to suit the driver.

Y ou can use the! Page 69 Driving Remote control key: key not recognised. Is Note key still in vehicle? Page 72 Driving - The engine has not yet reached the minimum approx. Please handbrake. Page 74 Driving! Page 75 Driving Emergency braking function Hold assist Applies to: vehicles with hold assist This feature enables you to stop the vehicle if the main brake system should fail or if the pedal is obstructed..

Page Kick-Down Feature Audi dealership or qualified workshop. The LED in the button will Kick-down feature go out. Page 78 Automatic gearbox the next gear at lower engine speeds.

The infotainment display will shifts give improved fuel economy because the show S instead of D. Page 80 Automatic gearbox. Page 82 Automatic gearbox Gear selection with selector lever Kick-down feature Applies to: vehicles with S tronic gearbox The tiptronic mode can be selected either with the vehicle stationary or on the move.

Page 84 Automatic gearbox the vehicle. This can result in increased wear Drive to a qualified workshop without delay and and tear. Page 85 Automatic gearbox This section describes how to manually release Releasing the selector lever manually RHD vehicles the selector lever on left-hand drive vehicles.

Applies to: vehicles with S tronic gearbox The manual release mechanism is located on the The selector Lever can be released manually if right underneath the selector gate. Page 86 Automatic gearbox Take hold of the selector lever boot by hand and carefully turn it inside out over the gear page 82, Fig. The speed warning function can help you keep ,,. Page 88 Driver assist systems The indicator lamp.

Page 91 Lanes. As the driver you u.. Page 92 Infotainment display system again. Applies to: vehicles with Audi active lane assist - Due to the road conditions, the system has not been able to detect the lane markings for a long period. Do not switch the active lane assist system on again before the lane markings are discernible. Page 93 Setting the steering input time and vibration warning Applies to: vehicles with Audi active lane assist You can change the active Lane assist settings on the infotainment system to suit your individual preferences.

Page 95 Switching on and off - If the system detects other objects such as Applies to: vehicles with Audi side assist crash barriers, etc. Page 97 Selecting the driving mode dynamic - gives the vehicle a tighter set-up and is Applies to vehicles with Audi drive select ideal for performance driving.

Page 98 Driver assist systems Configuring individual mode Applies to vehicles with Audi drive select You can configure your own personal vehicle set-up. Page Parking Aids Parking aids Parking aids - Impacts or damage to the radiator grille, bumper, wheel arches or underbody can General notes cause misalignment of the sensors. Page Reversing Camera Parking aids de is within a distance of approx.


2017 Audi TT / TTS Coupe — Owner's Manual

Owner's Manuals. Online Viewer. Manual Description If the vehicle is unlocked and none of the doors, the rear lid or hood are opened within 45 seconds, the vehicle locks again automatically. This feature prevents the vehicle from being accidentally left unlocked over a long period of time.


2016 Audi TT / TTS Coupe — Owner's Manual

Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents. Owner's Manual.


2017 Audi TT Coupe — Owner's Manual

Owner's Manuals. Online Viewer. Manual Description You should rarely travel at the maximum vehicle speed. High speeds cause a disproportionately high increase in fuel consumption, emissions, and traffic noise. Slower driving saves fuel.

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