You seem to have CSS turned off. Please don't fill out this field. Audacity is no longer at SourceForge. Programs like Audacity are also called open source software, because their source code is available for anyone to study or use. There are thousands of other free and open source programs, including the Firefox web browser, the LibreOffice or Apache OpenOffice office suites and entire Linux-based operating systems such as Ubuntu.

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Sound like a deal? This is tutorial 1 beginner for the absolute newbie to Audacity! In this video tutorial you will learn:. Also mentioned in this tutorial were the following links!

Tell your friends about it! Tell your enemies about it! Tell your grandma about it you never know… she might turn out to be the next Mozart or something! I was very pleased to come across your YouTube tutorial on audacity. I went through your step-by-step process on removing a vocal from a pre-recorded piece of Christian music. I Will be singing this piece of music for our church in the mid of January. After I went through much of your tutorial, I got suspicious that you were dealing with a Windows version of the program.

Is there something I can do to work with your tutorial on removing the vocal satisfactorily? By the way audacity does load in on my computer but it is a different version 2. Hi John, Yes — I do use a windows machine. And I can make no guarantees… it may work, may not, and may only work partly. Each track of music is entirely different.

Thanks so very much for getting back to me. Most likely, I may be out of luck with this version of audacity. You were kind to get back to me so quickly, and I do appreciate your willingness to help. In the meantime, because what I was trying to do was delete a soloist intro the first minute of a song, I have chosen rather to just sing along as a duet with that lead soloist, and then enter into the rest of the song as if I were part of the choir.

I hope that makes sense to you,. I really enjoyed your YouTube tutorial,.. A happy and blessed new year to you carey. Good quality video tutorial. I always liked audacity nonetheless, there was not an easy tutorial out there to learn from.

This site seems to teach audacity tutorials with clarity. Please help! I put audacity on my laptop. I have windows 8. My problem is that when I play back I only hear outside side noise like someone in the room talking not what is on the cassette.

I have read and read for three days! Please help Thank You Gloria. Gloria, what source did you use to get your original audio into Audacity? Did you record it yourself or import it?

I deleted the copy I had downloaded because I could not get it to work. I then paid for it and again downloaded. I still can not get it to work. Please help Gloria. Gloria — first off, Audacity is free. If you paid for it you were robbed and should get your money back. I have Audacity 2. The program says that it is not responding, but when it does I hit record then go to file and click on Export Audio.

I save it but when I play back all I have is screeching noise. I have turned sound up and down on my microcassette player to see if that is the problem. I have watched videos and read. Please help Thank you Gloria. Gloria, it sounds like your microphone is not working correctly.

Make sure you have that mic selected in Audacity when you try to record — and plug it in before you open Audacity. I was so excited because I got it to work once! I clicked on the microphone icon on my computer and clicked on one of the three options and turned one off and that is how it worked but now only two options are available. Systems sounds and speaker and headphones. I have it set for Microsoft Sound Mapper and Stereo.

What did I do wrong??? Will be off line for a wk. Thanks alot.. Please help if you can Gloria. Usually once you turn off the program and restart it, all those options appear again.

Give that a try. Feedback Plugins Blog About Home. Tutorials for Audacity — Beginner 1 — Learn your way around the system! Thanks for watching! January 4, at pm. January 6, at am. February 5, at pm. Gloria Campbell. March 27, at am. March 29, at pm. March 30, at am. March 30, at pm.

April 7, at pm. April 8, at am. John January 6, at am Hi Carey: Thanks so very much for getting back to me. I hope that makes sense to you, I really enjoyed your YouTube tutorial,.. John Steve February 5, at pm Good quality video tutorial.

Gloria Campbell March 29, at pm I deleted the copy I had downloaded because I could not get it to work. Please help Thank you Gloria TheLords March 30, at pm Gloria, it sounds like your microphone is not working correctly.

Gloria Campbell April 7, at pm I was so excited because I got it to work once!


Audacity (audio editor)

Audacity is a free and open-source digital audio editor and recording application software , available for Windows , macOS , Linux , and other Unix-like operating systems. As of May 16, , it is the most popular download from FossHub, [9] with over Previously, downloads were served from Google Code and SourceForge , with a combined total in excess of million downloads. In addition to recording audio from multiple sources, Audacity can be used for post-processing of all types of audio, including podcasts by adding effects such as normalization, trimming, and fading in and out. Audacity supports the LV2 open standard for plugins and can therefore load software like Calf Studio Gear.


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