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The proposal for a Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on common rules for access to the marke t o f coach a n d bus services proposal replaces two regulations currently applicable 2. Due to the distinct characteristics of the different transport modes and their markets, both for the industries differences in the company size, revenues or number of routes and passengers differences in the length and the conditions of the trip , the precise contents of these rights vary, but the typology of rights guaranteed by the three existing regulations for the transport by air, rail, sea and inland waterway and bus a n d coach a r e comparable; namely the right to information, reimbursement, re-routing, assistance while waiting to travel, and compensation under certain conditions.

Content of the national legislation: The provisions of 4. The product concerned is certain iron or steel fasteners, other than of stainless steel, i. In several other cases the IAB requested an improved analysis of subsidiarity, for example: the proposal for a Regulation on the rights of passengers in bus a n d coach t r an sport14, proposal for a Directive on the energy performance of buildings15 , proposal for a Directive facilitating cross-border enforcement in the field of road safety16 , proposal for a Directive on the protection of animals used for scientific purposes17 , proposal for a Regulation on food distribution to deprived persons18 , proposal for a Regulation setting up a school fruit scheme19 , proposal for a Directive on Stage II petrol vapour recovery during the refuelling of passenger cars This Regulation should not apply either to carriers who have access only to their national market f o r coach a n d bus services or to the licences issued to those carriers by the Member States of establishment.

In contrast to other modes of transport, there are neither international agreements with the exception of the United Nations — Economic Commission for Europe Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Passengers and Luggage by Road CVR 8 , ratified by only three Member States nor Community legislation establishing bus a n d coach p a ss enger rights.

For heavy duty and other non—standard miscellaneous coupling devices or compone nt s , Class S a n d Class T , t he relevant requirements in Annexes 5, 6 and 7 for the closest standard or non—standard device or component shall be used.

Class S De vices and components which do not conform to any of t h e Classes A to L or T above and which are used, for example, for special heavy transport or are devices unique to some countries and covered by existing national standards. To encou ra g e coach t o ur s specifically for tourists on low incomes and promote tourism in the regions there is a need to re-introduce the day rule for round trip s b y coach a s p ointed out by the European Parliament in paragraph 78 of its resolution of 29 November on a renewed EU Tourism Policy: Towards a stronger partnership for European Tourism 3.

The present appeal is aimed at showing that the General Court infringed Article 7 l b CTM Regulation 1 by holding that the absolute ground for refusal set forth in this provision is applicable to Community trademark registration No.


Národná konferencia: Solidarita medzi generáciami

Zdroj: Wait and Midwinter ed Progress Summary 04Q4 March 05 This summary presents an overview of the implementation of Your first Eures job since the start date of activities in June 0 until the end of It highlights in particular. Cyril and Methodius, J. Geographical position Major motorways High speed backbone network Czech internet network. Innovation-driven demand for skills in enterprises. Is Denmark part of Northern Europe?



All children and young people should be able to rely on professional staff to enable their learning and participation in school. For children and young people with disabilities, non-teaching staff learning support assistants, teaching assistants or similar play a vital role in enabling them to successfully engage in every aspect of compulsory and post compulsory education. The main objectives of the project were to understand the contribution of assistance services to inclusive education for children and young people with disabilities, to develop recommendations for the further development of these services and if necessary to enhance them through the project activities. Partnership Chance B Austria, Coordinator is a social service provider operating in the Eastern part of Styria, offering support to every person who needs it to live will in the region. Slovakia was established as a social and psychological advisory centre helping disabled clients, children in social need and youth with behavior problems.

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