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Originally posted by purpledragongifs. O corpo fala, o corpo quer comunicar. Por que o corpo reage? Tem que ouvir a voz do corpo, o corpo fala. O corpo denuncia o cativeiro da alma. She, who is not related to anyone, lived, Ethereal, within the walls of the home, which encompassed the universe with all its stars. At a meeting of orishas and awos, Chango commented the little virtuous who were women.

Eleggua jumped, and told of the existence of this sweet lady, locked within the walls of her garden, not seen by none other than by her parents. Chango, stunned and Stung in his virile, majestic and attractive male vanity, decided to tempt her, own many amorous experiences. The next day, he climbed the wall of the Garden whose flowers smiled at him and offered their petals in greeting to the vital and powerful King who caressed them with his presence.

The birds sang very low. This caught the attention of Chango, as birds sang always high in intricate places; However, there, everything was calm. Without clear how or when, suddenly the parakeets, Canaries, doves and pigeons are influenced, and their chants greeted the arrival of a young beautiful, who floated to the encounter of nature. Flowers perfumed with subtle aromas passing, leaves open to drop before the dew of the night, as carpet of pearls.

Chango became fascinated by the spell of that vision. Without remembering the wise advice of Eleggua, he straightened up before Yewa who, with low eyes, rejecting the vibrations produced by that young man who had front. She, in that moment of weakness, could not stifle that strange and warm feeling, and looked to be missing so the word given to her father. She then cried with shame and ran to hide.

At that time she had known love, forbidden for her emotion. She would be his one eternal and impossible love. She decided to confess guilt to her father and cover the face with a veil so that no one could see that she had missed her promise.

Then, all her clothes acquired a deeper pink hues, and the world met for the first time the blush of shame. Obatala, wisest of the wise, he realized, to see his daughter, that something very bad happened. Yewa wept disconsolately, but austere and just as it was, took refuge in the paternal arms and told him what happened with Chango. Obatala sank, because in his Kingdom and his sons were happening things that threatened established moral turpitude. Oloddumare he realized also and did not condone such behaviour.

As an owner of all that exists, had commented to Obatala he would be severe and relentless with the next one who commits an act of disobedience. Yewa knew this. I know it is painful for you, but my fault is irreparable. Then, Obatala sentenced her to never show her face; rule over the country of the dead as the highest authority, and watch your domains at night converted into Owl, owner of darkness, symbol of wisdom and loneliness.

Sad, Yewa departed the world of infinite silence, to the world of the dead. At that time, shook the land arose volcanoes, waves covered the rocks rays ignited forests, the sky darkened, and with tears of Obatala, furious at having sent his daughter Yewa to the loneliness of the world eggun and Iku, flooded the country of the orishas. Posts Likes Following Archive. Tempo Zara Tempo! Find magazines, catalogs and publications about "reginaldo prandi", and discover more great content on issuu.

Reginaldo Prandi para ler online. Ao decorrer da montagem mais te…. Recently Liked.


As Sete Linhas de Umbanda

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