Miskatonic University is a place of learning and discovery. However, the diligent researchers of the acclaimed college are about to uncover a host of terrible mysteries that should have remained buried…. Build upon your Arkham Horror experience with Miskatonic Horror, a unique expansion that enhances your existing Arkham Horror game. Not only does Miskatonic Horror enhance all of the Arkham Horror expansions, it also contains materials that can supplement the base game, such as new player reference sheets, the Institution variant, and a variety of new cards.

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Note: This review pertains to an expansion for Arkham Horror and requires the base game to play. We are also assuming that you are familiar with the base game, or at least have read its review. You sit here now, thinking back to the beginning of your journey. As the things — whatever they are — come bounding into the building, you recall the first time you met Jacob Werthern.

It was at a shindig downtown — you think — but that could have been years ago. Wait, was it years ago? Or days? The shaking, the pleading, the …shedding. Armitage said something about Room being the key to it all. Or was it …. A loud crash restores your focus. Those flimsy barricades of yours failed. They are coming. You check your revolver. One bullet.

Not enough to hold them all off. You find the door to his lab ajar. No choice left. No time left. Maybe you can avenge Jacob. And Maggie. It would appear that a recent lucky find at Miskatonic University has unearthed all sorts of new materials regarding the strange happenings in town. This has attracted some new attention, not all it them friendly. It would appear that this new find is raising more questions than it is answering. Alas, things in Arkham are never easy.

The only new notable rule that come with this expansion are those of the Institutions, and even then they are minor.

These are organizations that have the potential to assist the investigators throughout the course of the game through one method or another, and their use is very similar to that of Heralds and Guardians found in various expansions. There are three possible Institutions, but only up to one is chosen for use at the beginning of the game. Miskatonic has next to no new rules alterations. Miskatonic Horror is, quite literally, an expansion set for expansions. The vast majority of components are cards that will take you all of two minutes to shuffle into their respective decks — assuming you already have them.

They also provide you with a nice printed copy of the Dunwich Horror Herald card, which until now, had only been available as a free PDF on the Fantasy Flight website. Off to the Lodge you go. Miskatonic also includes new Mythos Cards that have split locations: the top location is used if you are using the associated expansion location, and the bottom is for Arkham proper.

These cards are a pleasantly nuanced addition, and they really help tie the various different expansions together thematically. This makes them still useful but not nearly as exciting to use. The same can be said about Miskatonic as a whole. This is mainly the feather in the cap of the Arkham series, and its intention is not to seriously alter how the game already runs — you have all of the other expansions to do that. If you have a few expansions and can make use of at least half of the materials that come with it, it solidly becomes a must-have for your Arkham Horror collection.

Nevertheless, they are a welcomed gameplay option as they are both flavorful and useful at the right moments. In this sense, the Institutions fit seamlessly into the grander Arkham Horror compendium, along with the rest of the box. Miskatonic Horror is the expansion you get to round out your Arkham Horror collection. It, for the most part, simply fills out all of your other sets with more cards. This provides even more depth to the in-game world that has been built up. That said, how worthwhile the expansion is to you is largely dependent on how many other expansions you own.

The Institutions, nice as they are, are the only original content aside from some new card variances of existing mechanics, and they hardly can justify the cost of the game by themselves.

If you only have the base game, or maybe a single expansion, it would be best to hold off for awhile. Yes, you still would get material you can use, but it would be like buying a car and then never getting to go out of second gear. This is the short link.


Arkham Horror: Miskatonic Horror Expansion

Miskatonic Horror is the ninth expansion for the game Arkham Horror. It is a big box expansion, but does not include a board. This expansion functions primarily as an expansion for all of the previous expansions. It was released in July The expansion does little to add to the base game.


A recent find at Miskatonic University has unearthed even more mysteries pertaining to the strange happenings in Arkham, Massachusetts. While the worshippers of the Ancient One grow in strength, the stalwart defenders of this sleepy town are put to the ultimate test. Miskatonic Horror is a new type of Arkham Horror expansion that builds upon the materials found in the ample library of other Arkham Horror expansions. While the components and rules found in Miskatonic Horror can be enjoyed with only the Arkham Horror base game, the more expansions you incorporate, the more aspects of Miskatonic Horror you can enjoy. Miskatonic Horror is the eighth expansion, and fourth big box expansion, for the Arkham Horror board game.



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