It contains pieces and eight minifigures. It was the inspiration for the LEGO Ideas set Pirates of Barracuda Bay which contains two builds; one is the completed ship, the second build is the dismantling of the modular vessel combined with an island to produce a shipwreck pirate headquarters. The Black Seas Barracuda looks like a typical brig with two square-rigged masts. Although it has a gaff and a boom on the aft most mast, there is no spanker sail. The ship is armed with four cannons, two on each side.

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Medium accuracy. In the European version of the set, the ship is armed with four cannons, two on each side that actually fire, in the US version the cannons did not fire projectiles. The Pirates Black Seas Barracuda was re-released as in Sets in Pirates. Theme Pirates. Year Buy this set at. I own this set.

I want this set. Amazon Bricklink ToysPeriod. Amazon Bricklink. Amazon ebay Bricklink ToysPeriod. Bricklink ToysPeriod. My Collection. Set Details. Set number. Set Pricing. Retail price. Annual growth. Machine Learning Model. Statistical Model. Quick Buy. Amazon Buy. Bricklink Buy. Set Facts. Theme Analysis. This set's annual growth CAGR vs. Pirates was a LEGO theme introduced in , running until and focused on the classic idea of Caribbean pirates that were pitted against soldiers of colonial empires.

As the series progressed through the years, more factions were introduced and the older ones were phased out of production.

The Pirates were one of the first two original factions in the theme to be introduced. Read more. Something not correct? Please suggest an edit. United States Canada Autrailia China. Changes the pricing currency and date formats to a specific region. Thank you for visiting BrickEconomy. We are currently in early beta and welcome any feedback you have to help us improve.

We are currently in early beta. Remember me. Forgot password? Don't have an account? Sign up for free! Medium accuracy In the European version of the set, the ship is armed with four cannons, two on each side that actually fire, in the US version the cannons did not fire projectiles.

Amazon listing for Black Seas Barracuda. In perfect conditions, all seals still in place.


6285 LEGO Pirates Black Seas Barracuda

Many LEGO sets hold nostalgic feelings for adults that remind them of childhood, but this particular set is a bit more unique than that. It actually lives up to the memories that people have of it and encapsulates everything that made the LEGO Pirates theme a hit in the s. A modern update of the classic set that can also be displayed as a shipwreck island, it is an homage to everything that was wonderful about The first year saw a selection of sets featuring the cutlass wielding, eye-patch wearing treasure seekers, as well as their enemies, the bluecoat soldiers. While many of those sets were neat and complemented each other well, it was Black Seas Barracuda that defined the launch. The reason for that is obvious — pirates are pirates when they are sailing the high seas.


Instructions For LEGO 6285 Black Seas Barracuda


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