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Propofol as an intravenous agent in dogs. Vet Rec ; Disposition in male volunteers of subanaesthetic intravenous dose of an oil in water emulsion of C-propofol Diprivan. Xenobiotica ; White PF.

Clinical uses of intravenous anesthetic and analgesic infusion. Anesth Analg ; The effect of halothane and nitrous oxide on the pharmacokinetics of propofol in dogs. J Vet Pharmacol Ther ; James R, Glen JB. Synthesis, biological evaluation, and preliminary structure-activity considerations of a series of alkilphenols as intravenous anaesthetic agents. J Med Chem ; Glen JB. Animal studies of the anaesthetic activity of ICI 35 Br J Anaesth ; An adverse reaction to the administration of propofol Diprivan.

Anaesthesia ; Pharmacology of an emulsion formulation of ICI 35 Pharmacokinetics of propofol in mixed-breed dogs and Greyhounds. Am J vet Res ; Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic modelling of propofol Diprivan in volunteers and surgical patients. Postgrad Med J ; Kanto J, Gepts E. Pharmacokinetic implications for the clinical use of propofol. Clin Pharmacokinet ; Vainio O. Propofol infusion anaesthesia in dogs pre-medicated with medetomidine. J vet Anaesth ; Vascular effects of propofol: smooth muscle relaxation in isolated veins and arteries.

J Pharm Pharmacol ; Cardiovascular effects of propofol in the anaesthetized dog. Hemodynamic and analgesic effects of propofol infusion in medetomidine-premedicated dogs. Vainio O, Palmu L. Cardiovascular and respiratory effects of medetomidine in dogs and influence of anticholinergics. Acta Vet Scand ; Xylazine or medetomidine premedication before propofol anaesthesia. Adverse effects of administration of propofol with various preanesthetic regimens in dogs.

J Am vet med Assoc ; Cardiovascular effects of a continuous two-hour propofol infusion in dogs. Vet Surg ; Cardiovascular and respiratory effects of propofol administration in hypovolemic dogs. Cardiopulmonary, anesthetic, and postanesthetic effects of intravenous infusions of propofol in Greyhounds and in non-Greyhounds. A clinical trial of propofol infusion anaesthesia in dogs.

J Small Anim Pract ;,. Enhancement by propofol of epinephrine-induced arhythmias in dogs. Negative inotropic effect of propofol as evaluated by regional preload recruitable stroke work relationship in chronically instrumented dogs. Anesthesiology ; Blood pressure response to acetylpromazine and lamperone in halothane anesthetized dogs. J Am Anim Hosp Assoc ;,. Handbook of veterinary anesthesia. Preinduction atropine or glycopyrrolate and hemodynamic changes associated with induction and maintenance of anesthesia with propofol and alfentanil.

Edelist GA. A comparison of propofol and thiopentone as induction agents in our patient surgery. Can J Anaesth ; Some studies on the properties of the intravenous anaesthetic propofol "Diprivan" a review. Postgrad Med J ;61 Suppl Side effects of etomidate in dogs.

J Am Anim Hosp Assoc ; Comparison of cardiopulmonary effects of etomidate and thiamylal in dogs. Some ventilatory effects of propofol as sole anaesthetic agent. Ventilatory effects of propofol during induction of anaesthesia. Comparison with thiopentone.

Medetomidine, a new sedativeanalgesic for use in the dog and its reversal with atipamezol. J Small Anim Pract ; Effect of propofol drip infusion following pretreatment with medetomidine and butorphanol on cardiopulmonary function in the dog. Funkquist P, Peterson C.

Greel JK. The effect of premedication on the induction dose of propofol in dogs and cats. J S Afr Vet Assoc ; Clinical evaluation of propofol as an intravenous anaesthetic agent in cats and dogs.

Anesthetic induction characteristics of Diprivan propofol emulsion. Semin Anesth ; Comparison of Diprivan propofol and thiopental as intravenous induction agents: cardiovascular effects, respiratory change, recovery, and postoperative venous siquelae. Ponte J, Sadler CL. Effect of thiopentone, etomidate and propofol on carotid body chemoreceptor activity in the rabbit and cat.

Blair E. In: Soma LR, editor. Textbook of veterinary anesthesia. Influence of environmental temperature on recovery of dogs from pentobarbital anesthesia. Komar E, Lipp J. Propofol anesthesia in dogs. Medycyna Wet ; Davies C.

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Cotard JP. La fibroscopie chez le chien et le chat. Comparative effects of xylazine and propofol on the urethral pressure profile of healthy dogs. Pedrick TP. Evaluation of perioperative analgesia by electroencephalography in propofol-halothane and medetomidine-propofol-halothane anesthetized dogs during laparoscopy and laparatomy.


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